Sleep Number Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints, Fees, Bill Payment

Synchrony Bank issue you with the Pay Sleep Number Credit Card, which is a reward card. Cardholders can avail the benefits and rewards offered by the bank when they make transactions at Sleep Number Stores.

The more you shop the more rewards you can earn. Some of the benefits offered by the bank includes Easy financing, zero annual fee, manage your account online anytime anywhere, online, phone financing and in-store.

Sleep Number Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints, Fees, Bill Payment come to know that they

There is no annual fee for Pay Sleep Number Credit Card and the rate of introductory APR is 0%, which is charged to you on making transactions. The requirements for Pay Sleep is to have a good credit card and you can use this card in all the stores nationwide. It is a good option for customers who are regular users and shop on a regular basis. It is a card, which provides you variety of benefits, and provide you with a good saving strategy.

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Benefits of Sleep Number Credit Card

The benefits of the Pay Sleep Number Credit Card are as follow:

  • There is no annual fee charged on you to use Pay Sleep Number Credit Card.
  • You can access your account online anytime anywhere to manage your card account’s activities.
  • Provide you with the Easy financing and help you to make funds which are accessible easily.
  • Sleep Number provide you with online platform as well as in-store and phone financing.

Fees/ Rate

The rates and fees of the credit card is given below in detail:

  • The annual fee charges is none.
  • There is zero introductory APR rate fee charged to the cardholders.
  • None of the Normal APR Rate is applicable to you.
  • An absence of yearly  Fee Charge.
  • None of the Cash Advance Rate  is applicable on you for Sleep card.
  • The rate of the Cash Advance Fee is not applicable.

Sleep Number Credit Card Key Features:

  • It offers you a special financing option for 3 years, which is a total of 36 months on the smart beds of Sleep Number 360 TM, it ™  bed, adjustable bases and Sleep Number ®  beds, FlexFit ™, and DualTemp ™  layer.
  • It offers you a special financing option for 12 months which is applicable on all the other Sleep Number ®  beds and it ™  bed and Sleep Number 360 ™  smart beds.
  • The monthly payment should be equal as it is a requirement.
  • There is no need for the credit check.
  • The rate of Purchase APR is 29.99% and $2 is the Minimum Interest Charge.

How To Get Sleep Number Card:

  • First, you have to complete the online application form. (It’s not mandatory to select the bed before applying for the card).
  • Credit Decision: Once you are done with the submission of the application, you will receive a credit decision within a minute.
  • Shop: After getting approved you will be provided with a financing code which you can use while shopping online, via phone, in-store or during checkout.

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Customer’s Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“They are the real hunters, which prey their customers. Recently I purchased a bed from them and made every effort to avoid the interest fee by paying on time. Suddenly one day I come to know that they had charged me $200 after the cut-off. Now this is disgusting. Insane. I make my all payments on time to pay a interest fee to them. I know this is a method of credit work but this is silly this large amount make you greedy so beware of them.”

“$38 is charged to me for making my payment one day late. I always make my payment every month but they never drop down my balance. All the time my balance raises. What is the reason behind this?? I had a very bad experience on working with Synchrony Bank. I had paid $38 in the last month on time but they are asking me to pay 49 dollars for the previous month, for which I had already paid. This is quite troubling.”

“They had good customer service I have ever experience in my life. I made all of my payments before time and they sealed my account due to some automatic issues. I asked them to open my card and they talked to me nicely and said soon your card will be activated. I was glad that I am using this service.”

“Its been a year as their customer and I had some issues early on but they resolved my problems through customer service and from that day I am very pleased and sometimes I am amazed to see all the negative feedbacks from their customers because I never faced any problem like they did.”

“Please make sure that Sleep Number do not have return policy. If you go to the store and you see a bed, you sit on it for a couple of minutes and feels comfortable and you purchase it. It arrives in the delivery, and then you find out it’s not as comfortable as it was in the store. You call the customer service and they say they will send a person to check and take a look at the bed you bought.”

“We were shifting to our new house and for this I shopped at the Sleep Number shop of amount $18,000. When they delivered it and were, taking my order inside they broke my wall. I file a report for it but they refused be because their driver were not accepting his mistake so they will not pay me. My house was brand new I bought it a month before. I am very upset and will never shop their again. Be careful.”

“This card is very nice and convenient. You can apply for this card easily; I make payments for my first bill using the online service, which was very easy to use. They are not providing the good rates but to take a start we all have to choose one platform and Sleep Number is that easygoing platform. Surely I will recommend this card to everyone.”

Due to some error, the Synchrony Bank closed my account. After that, they
removed my account due to the cause of error. They had done zero effort to explain the shit happened with me. They were very careless to send a report to the bureaus. I am in search of a legal counsel to sought out the matter.

How To Pay Your Sleep Number Credit Card

Synchrony Bank issues you a Sleep Number Credit Card. To pay your bill
online you can simply login to your account by using the link Synchrony bank site and then go through the dashboard of your account and next click on the payment button.

If you do not have an online access, you can pay it using your phone by dialing the number 800-250-5411.

If you do not have any online access and for some reason you are unable to contact on phone then you can use the third method for making payment. You can send your payment on the mailing address mentioned below:

Sleep Number Credit Card,
P.O. Box 960061,
Orlando, FL 32896

Steps to Apply for the Pay Sleep Number Credit Card

  • The Application Criteria

If you want to apply for the Pay Sleep Number Credit Card then you should complete the requirement that has given below:

  • The age of the applicant should be 18 years or above.
  • Applicant must have the valid photo ID issued by the government.
  • The Credit history of the applicant must be clear.
  • The applicant should be the legal resident of the state of U.S having the rural route APO/FPO mail address.

Steps to Apply for the Sleep number card

If you are interested to apply for this card then go through the steps given below:

  • Visit the official site of Synchrony Bank to access the homepage of Sleep Number Card.
  • Scroll down and at the end of the page you will see a link of Apply now, Click on it.
  • Now read the terms and conditions before starting the application process and complete the process.
  • Now you have to enter the purchase amount if you know.
  • Next the personal information is required in which you have to enter the information like your full name(first, middle, last), Suffix, Zip code, mailing address, primary phone, Apt, type, additional phone number, email address, type, Social Security Number, Housing information that include the options (Own, rent, other), date of birth and your monthly income from all the sources.
  • Having a joint applicant or not?
  • Next, you have to select the method of Statement Delivery (Electronic or paper statement).
  • Now go through the complete information, which you have provided and click, on the Submit button. Soon you will receive your card.

How To Activate Sleep Number Credit Card

If you want to activate your credit card then you can do it by dialing the number located on the credit card you received.

How To Log In To Sleep Number Credit Card

If you are already a user of Sleep Number’s Credit card and want to access your account to manage, your card activities then go through the process below:

  • Visit the official site of Synchrony Bank.
  • You will be directed towards the homepage of Synchrony.
  • Now you will see a Login section on the right side of the homepage.
  • Here you have to enter your login credential i.e. your username and password.
  • Next click on Secure Log In button to access your account.

How To Recover Your Sleep Number Username ID And Password

In case if you have forgotten your Sleep Number Card account’s password or username you can retrieve it by using the process defined below:

  • Access the login page by using the method defined above.
  • In the login section, you will see an option of “Find User ID”.
  • Click on it.
  • Now you have to enter your Account number, Social Security Number (4- digits) and date of birth.
  • Next click on continue button.

For retrieving your password

  • Now Click on “Reset password” link.
  • Provide your User ID and a Zip Code in the given space.
  • Next click on continue button.

Customer Support

If you have any query related to your Credit Card or want some help then you can use the customer service number i.e. 800-250-5411.

If you want to send your query via mail then you can use the mail address given below:

Synchrony Bank,
P.O. Box 960061,
Orlando, FL 32896-0061

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Sleep Number Credit Card?

The Sleep Number Card provides you with different rewards and benefits if you make purchases by using your credit card.

  • What are the rewards of the Sleep Number Credit Card?

For information about the rewards of the Sleep Number card, you can use this link.

  • How can I pay for my Sleep Number card?
Sleep Number Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints, Fees, Bill Payment with different rewards

You can make payments for your credit card online by using the website link. Other method for making payments is you can use the doxo mob app for making payments using your phone.

  • When do I need to make payments on my Sleep Number Credit Card?

Here you can access Sleep Number’s Credit Card payment terms.

  • Can I redeem my rewards earn through my Credit Card. How?

Yes, you can redeem it. You can get more information about it by using the link of the website here.

  • How can I know the application process of Sleep Number Card?
Sleep Number Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints, Fees, Bill Payment For retrieving your password

You can come up with the application process for the Sleep Number Credit Card’s by using the link.

  • Do I need any personal information required applying for Sleep Number Credit Card’s application?

You have to provide your personal details. About more information of the details, you will get to know by using the link of credit card application by clicking here.

  • From where can I login my Sleep Number Card account?

You can login your card account by using the link mentioned here.