Rooms To Go Credit Card: Reviews, 5 Ways to Pay Your Card Payment

Do you want to decorate your room? Moreover, if you are interested then you can shop for it without any interest fee. To buy a furniture you should have Rooms to Go Credit Card. It will suit you for this purpose.

Synchrony Bank offers you with Rooms to go Card. If you are a cardholder of Rooms to go then they are offering special financing benefits to their customers, which is a great advantage for you if you are a regular customer. However, before starting any procedure you should know the terms and conditions of Room to Go Credit Card. You have to know to own your own whether this card is suitable for you or not. If you want this card then we will guide you with all the benefits and procedures. There are different payment methods for this card you can select the one convenient for you. If you are confused in the selection process then you can go through the pros and cons of the card they will help you in this case. Scroll down for more details of the card.

Table of Contents

Card Details

Below are some of the card details. Go through the points given.

  • Planned to shop for the furniture.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • The interest payments are delayed for 180 days.
  • The rate of APR is normally high.


  • The APR is 29.99% after the initial introductory period which is generally high.

Intro APR

The interest payments are delayed for 180 days so it is 0% introductory
APR after that period it is 29.99%.

Pros Cons
You don’t need any down payment
for this card.
There is no bonus for signup.
All the payments are delayed for
180 days.
The APR is very high after the
interest takes its position.
The interest payments are delayed for 180 days. Only the card is used at Rooms to
No interest fee will be charged to
you for almost 180 days if you are
paying minimum charges.
The minimum payment you can
make is $75 or 5% which one is
There is an option for you to
postpone the interest for long if
you are making big purchases.

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Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“I recently make an order for my grandson of bunk beds. They show me that in very much time for which I have to leave my work that day. When they delivered it, some of the parts of the bed were missing so they moved back with it. I even do not receive the bed in the next week. Therefore, I called the customer agent to get the information but they were very rude. He was as if it was none of his business and he has no concern with it. This is very awkward. I recommend not working with them.”

“Wasting $7,300 is a big blunder. Don’t ever do it. Use another path for this. The main issues related to Rooms to go are they never give the delivery of what you purchase; they refused me my purchase of $7,300 and refused their sale, which is very dishonest. They did not cooperate with us to solve the issues with them. Now I am in search of a process to cancel my purchase but they are also refusing it too. I will never make purchases at Rooms to go in future.”

“We were shifting to our new house and for this I shopped at the rooms to go shop of amount $18,000. When the delivered it and were taking my order inside they broke my wall. I file a report for it but they refused be because their driver were not accepting his mistake so they will not pay me. My house was brand new I bought it a month before. I am very upset and will never shop their again. Be careful.”

“Before Carls Patio was bought by Rooms To Go, I made a purchase of $45k. Unless I don’t pay $8700 of the order to Rooms To Go, they were not scheduling my delivery. The thing is they don’t trust us but we have to trust them. I got an incomplete delivery and the package was all damaged and was fixed with tapes all over the package. It was all messed up and was not as they promise it should be. They do not carry the premium lines that I bought and the top of this, their customer support service is not really helping me on this. So, I had to go where the manufacturing is done. When I asked them about this with all my aggression and what they did was they hang up on me. It was ridiculous. $7000 purchase and poor customer service.”

“I bought recliners leg support that literally do not lift legs to a straight position. I told the customer service that these chairs are not manufactured properly but they keep insisted that there was nothing wrong with the chairs. But my complained was not given importance. Then they said that they would send a repair person who will review the chair condition. It’s been more than a month, and he never came. Then they said that I had them for too long now so nothing can be done now. It was not my fault that I kept the chair even after the complaint on the very first day of delivery. Very poor customer service. Wouldn’t recommend.”

“I bought a bedroom set on 12/11/2020 that arrive in a delivery. The
delivery company while setting up by bed damaged by new laminate floor. I reported this to the company right away. The SE Independent Delivery Services were handling the claim to Rooms To Go. They emailed me that they would pay $150 without even asking me the estimate cost of damage. After I complained to RTG they asked me for 2 estimates with pictures. Both estimated were almost $1200.00 and $250.00. They even said if I didn’t claim this they would not give me a penny later. I called RTG again, then they said this claim to RTG customer service department.”

Few years ago, I bought a Cindy Crawford Home leather sofa from Rooms To Go which is now clearly falling apart. The condition is getting worst and its vinyl is falling apart. I have barely used my couches and its condition is getting worst.”

“Worst experience. I went to buy teak outdoor table and chairs from Ft Lauderdale store on Fed Highway. I was on a more than $1.000 purchase. I liked a set but it was not in stock and it would have to be shipped from Tampa. They would not sell the floor model on any condition. Later, I did not purchase as delivery options told me that It would not be suitable for the event I was hosting. Few weeks later, I was just walking by the store, and there I saw the floor has been sold. I was like, seriously, they were not selling this 2 weeks ago. I despise the company and hopefully it will go under.”

“Please make sure that Room To Go do not have return policy. If you go to the store and you see a sofa, you sit on it for a couple of minutes and feels comfortable and you purchase it. It arrives in the delivery, then you find out it’s not as comfortable as it was in the store. The arms are very low and the back is not comfortable at all. You call the customer service and they say they will send a person to check and take a look at the sofa.”

Benefits of the Rooms to Go Credit Card

You do not have to make a payment in the first 180 days and this is the best
advantage of Rooms To Go credit card and in these days you do not have to make payments. There will no interest fee for 180 days only if you are paying minimum charges. If you are making a big purchases then there is an option of postponing the interest.

It allows the customer to buy furniture at the spot if you do not have money at that moment. You don’t have to borrow money besides the furniture. In easy words, we can conclude this by saying, Rooms To Go Credit Card provides their customers with special finance offers for purchasing furniture in the coming future.

Downsides of the Rooms to Go Credit Card

The considerable drawbacks for using Rooms to Go Credit Card.

The exceptionally high interest rate of 29.99% is the biggest drawback. If you are unable to pay off your balance before APR, you will end up paying huge amount of money in interest.

Moreover, the Room To Go credit card offers no discounts or special deals outside of the introductory of 0% APR. There is no significant advantage for getting a Rooms To Go credit card.

Lastly, in order to keep a 0% introductory interest rate, the Room To Go credit card will need high minimum payment. $75 is the minimum payment or 5% of your account balance which is a huge amount. For instance, you have $2500, and the minimum monthly payment will be $125, which is 5 percent of your account balance. This might be a challenge for some cardholders, who might not be able to pay monthly payments and end up increasing interest rate from 0% to 30%.

Make a Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment Online

Synchrony Bank allows you to make one time online payment from your bank account schedule future dates up to 12 payments. Room To Go credit card payments shows the data such as date on which they were made as long as you finish them by 11:59 p.m. EST.

Start the process by registering your Rooms To Go account on the MySynchrony website. You’ll need the following information to create a MySynchrony payment login for Rooms To Go:

You can register your Rooms To Go account on MySynchrony website. In order to login you will need information such as

  • Account number of Rooms To Go.
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Date of birth.
Rooms To Go Credit Card: Reviews, 5 Ways to Pay Your Card Payment do not

After entering all the valid information click on verify button pop up of Rooms To go on the screen and hit “Continue”.

After that, enter your username and password and set a security question. For electronic payments, enter your email address and information of your bank account. Hit the continue button to finish the Room To Go account settings.

After the initial registration, you can opt to make future payments without using your Rooms To Go credit card login. To enable this function, click “Remember Username” or choose the “This is my personal device, remember me” option for the computer, tablet or phone you’re using. On future visits to the MySynchrony website, you’ll see the “Pay Without Logging In” button. Click it and follow these steps:

After the first registration, future payments can be made without the use of Rooms To Go credit card login. If you want to enable this option, click remember username button or you may save your personal device by clicking the button remember me option. In future, you will see website showing “Pay Without Logging In” button. After clicking, do the steps written below

  • Enter the amount for payment.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Review and authorize the payment.

Remember, this method is valid for individual payments. In order to set up
recurring payments, login to Rooms To Go credit card.

An existing account can also be used and you can make payments through the Rooms To Go website. In order to log in, enter the first 6 digits of your account number.

Make a Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment Through Electronic Payments

There are 3 electronic payment options that you can select:

  • First is the Western Union (WU). It allows the user to use credit and debit cards for your Rooms To Go credit card payment. Moreover, it allows the user to pay bills online with the help of Western Union mobile application, meeting the agent, or by calling the western union agent on the phone. In order for this, the user will get a receipt with tracking number that will act as a proof of payment after submitting the company’s name and your account number.
  • Second option is the Walmart. In order to make an online transfer of money, Walmart pays bill using MoneyGram. To start the process, type “Rooms To Go” in the search bar and select “Synchrony Bank” option. To make this payment, you will need to have account number, and credit or debit card.
  • Check your bank policies and procedures if you are planning to use your
  • own bank’s bill payment service for your “Rooms To Go” credit card
  • payment by following the appropriate steps.

Make a Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment by Mail

Through mailed payments, Synchrony Bank accepts money and checks. The address to “Rooms To Go” credit card payment is given below:

Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896-0061

To avoid late fees of your credit card before a due date, the bank will recommend including “Rooms To Go” credit card payment coupon and mailing within 7 to 10 working days.

Make a Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment by Phone

The process to make phone payments on your “Rooms To Go” accounts incurs a fee. For more details, you can call to our toll free account management number at 866-396-8254.

If you are facing problems related to your account, Synchrony Bank provides a complete facility of customer service options for “Rooms To Go” credit card. It includes an online chat with the user and the customer support agent, compliment or complaint phone lime. The bank also provides a digital help desk to help the user with registration, login and passwords issues. You can call the help desk at this number 855-875-1850. Timings are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. If you have further issues related to your account, you can call at the customer service number of “Rooms To Go” which is given at the back of your credit card.

Make a Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment In Store

You can pay bills in person at a physical location, which is near to you, but if you opt for this method, you are limited to using a debit card.

Rooms To Go Credit Card: Reviews, 5 Ways to Pay Your Card Payment is now

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Rooms To Go Credit Score Requirements

The Rooms To Go Credit Card is a store card, and most store cards usually aren’t too hard to be approved for. For this card, we recommend applicants have average credit (630-689) or above for the best approval odds.

Rooms To Go Credit Card Alternatives

There are some more alternatives credit cards for financing large furniture purchases than “Rooms To Go” credit card and these are:

If you’re looking for a card with a 0% introductory APR with minimal
fees, then Citi Simplicity Card is recommended to you. There will be no annual fee and the best part is you will not be charged because of late payments. It includes 18- month 0% introductory APR and then depending on credit it has given APR ranging from 15.49% to 25.49%.

If you want a card that’s great for financing and offers rewards, the Chase
Freedom card
is highly recommended to you. It has a high APR at 25.24% but after signing up, you will get 0% APR for first 15 months. Moreover, you can recoup some of the money that you spend on the rewards program of Chase’s Cashback.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use your Rooms to Go credit card anywhere in the world?

This card can be used where such payment networks are accepted. However, a store card can only be used at the store where it is issued, as store card will not have such designation.

  • How can I make payments using Rooms To Go credit card?

First, with the help of a phone, make a “Room To Go” credit card payment. You can make payments on the phone from your Rooms To Go account but this process has fees that user has to pay. For more details, call at the toll-free account management number at 866-396-8254.

  • Is the delivery free for Rooms to Go credit card?

They provide free UPS delivery but they do not provide the furniture delivery to some of the states. Most of the items are shipped on with respect to the UPS standard Ground shipping. After clearly identified, this merchandise is ready to be shipped anywhere in the Contiguous U.S with no shipping cost to the consumer mostly.

  • Is there any warranty for Rooms to go?

One year limited guarantee is offered by Rooms To Go on most of the products that they sell. Any item that is sold with no warranty will include all products purchased at a clearance centre, samples of the floor and complete accessories “as is” off our showroom floors and bedding comforters.

  • Can you bargain at the Rooms to Go store?

Furniture especially chain stores will not have any negotiated discount of more than 20 or 25% on any non-clearance item. Moreover, for some stores where the entire room is bought for one price cannot be negotiated at all. More the furniture that is bought, better the discount you will get on accessory.