PlatinumOffer: Reviews, Complaints, Fees & Less-Expensive Alternatives..

  • You have to apply for First Premier Bank Platinum Credit Card.
  • Then provide the confirmation number on the
  • PlatinumOffer credit card is for those who have average credit.

PlatinumOffer Credit Card of First Premier Bank can be availed by all the authorized residents of US but should be under 18 or more with constant income. (It can be excellent and average as well).

If you want to apply for PlatinumOffer Credit card then go to the official site of First Premier Bank PlatinumOffer Credit Card which is by verification. It would almost take 5-7 minutes and you are done with it.

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Highlights of Approved Confirmation Number

  • It is a perfect solution for those who want to make their credit on time payment with credit card.
  • First PREMIER Bank is Honored Member of FDIC, which issues the card.
  • For those who have an excellent credit score, they should check for other credit cards on (GetMyOffer.CapitalOne)
  • For those who haven’t got the Confirmation Number of Platinum Offer they can apply but with fewer chances of getting approved.

If you are not able to apply with confirmation number then there is also an alternative way of apply on the site and by providing the required things which include your name, street address, & Social security numbers last 4 digits.

If you need any kind of query related to First Premier Bank Platinum offer you can directly contact on, P.O. Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524 or call toll free 800-987-5521.

PlatinumOffer: Reviews, Complaints, Fees & Less-Expensive Alternatives.. first year

Reviews & Complaints of

First Premiere took a chance on me when no one else would, and that says a lot! I have no clue what people are complaining about, the APR and fees are in the contract you sign and approve, if u don’t like it, then don’t sign the papers! This company isn’t doing anything other companies don’t do….I know Amex has a HUGE yearly fee for a lot of their cards. I will gladly pay my yearly fee to help build my credit and to show that First Premiere made a good decision in trusting me. I am grateful for the opportunity, my score has gone up tremendously since approved…I went from a 425 up to 568 in a matter of 2 months time….I now have 2 other cards as well and was just approved for another unsecured card. I try and keep my utilization low and make more then minimum payment. I am on my way to building a better financial future, and couldn’t have done that without First Premiere giving me a chance. I can say that I have seen people say the give CL increases within the first 2-3 months, but Every time I have requested one I have been denied. Although, it doesn’t bother me…they started me out on a pretty fair $400 limit. Thank you First Premiere. I will continue to use them for many
years to come.

PlatinumOffer: Reviews, Complaints, Fees & Less-Expensive Alternatives.. better option because you are

My score went up 35 points in 1 month.

PlatinumOffer: Reviews, Complaints, Fees & Less-Expensive Alternatives.. even recommend you for

I have had this card and so far I still don’t  have any complaints.  My credit is getting better which is my main focus.

I just received the card i paid 95$ annual fee received the card with a 300 $ credit limit and a 225$ available balance .. the next day i after I received it I checked my credit score it went up 26 points .. I also had the green card before this my score went up every time I paid it .. great card …

I Have Had This Card Going On 2 Years Now!,  I Called Them Up Yesterday, About My Card, Not Being Except, They Told Me That Everything Was Fine With The Card, And It Was, The Problem Was With My Phone, Not Being Able To Enter My Information Correctly!  The Customer Service Rep, Told Me That I Was Approved For A Credit Line Increase!  Of $150.00 But Inorder For The Credit Line Increase, I Will Be Billed A Fee, Which Will Be Deducted, I Told Her That Will Be Fine! Now Don’t Get My Statement Here! Confused Of A Complaint!  Because It’s Not!  Because I Had A Choice!  Either Get A Credit Line Increase, Or Not!  And For This Credit Line Increase, I Had To Pay For This Credit Line Increase!  And Now!,  My Credit Limit Is Now! $500.00  And I’m [email protected]@L!  With It!

Unfortunately after years of abusing and neglecting my credit I had to resort to this card. Used responsibly and paid ontime and it did help restore my credit to the point I could get better cards. Fees are high and you do start out in the hole with this card but I knew that from reading the terms. I had a choice to either apply and accept the card or pass. Always paid by using debit card over the phone and payment post same day as long as it was before the cut-off so no issue with making payments. Before getting this card if possible I would recommend getting a secured card which will give you a lower APR and no Annual fees. I will most likely be closing the card shortly because it has served it purpose.

This card has high interest.  The worst thing about it is the twenty day verification hold they do oftenly place on your card after your payment is processed and withdrawn from your bank.  The customer service reps have similar attitudes as do over worked DMV officials.  There are better cards to build your credit with.  Stay away from this one.

Very high interest and fees this month $27 interest on purchases + $8 monthly fee + $8 protection fee. That’s every month!! A while ago I pulled cash advance not sure how much exactly but I had to pay full balance on the credit to get red of some crazy fees. Anyways my goal now to pay it fully and cancel this credit card. And would not recommend it to my worst enemies.

The PlatinumOffer First Credit Card had both good and bad reviews. The bad reviews are mostly because of the high fees for those who have less credit score. But this a very great card for people who want to build their credit and having trouble with other credit cards…

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Why the First Premier Card is so Costly

When all you got is bad credit, with high APR and the extra fees isn’t rare. The card givers feel you like a big risk and it has to charge you like that. But First premier PlatinumOffer has taken it to another level.


Annual fees, all the processing fees & monthly servicing fees are included in it, which directly varies to your credit limit. A credit limit is between $300 from $1000 and terms and conditions are applied. (see table below).

The fee procession starts with one dispensation fee that you have to pay to open the account. Then you have to pay the annual fee, and the last thing is the monthly service fee, the credit limit of the first year is up to $500. if you need cash in advance, you have to give the 5% or $6, either its great. Above given table shows the breakdown of your fee according to your credit limit.


First Premier Bank Credit Card has an APR rate of 36% on spending and taking the advance, from which none of the credit cards for bad credit card issuers are even closer to a bit. But having the balance to this credit card will get you in financial issue.


Credit cards have a low credit limit for those who have bad credit. Like if you have the limit of $300 and you use it then most of your credit s used which will affect your credit score. That’s what the big thing we have to deal with bad credit. But the Platinum offer card is extra bothering, it increases the credit limit right after almost 13 months, and charge you 25 %increase. Let suppose you have $200 the credit limit increases and the charge fee will be $ can also reject this increase and can go back to the fee. But you have to inform the bank with the billing statement which shows fee and the increase.

Less-expensive Options

Most of the time, having a good credit card is a better option because you are having your own credit. The minus point is that you have to pay the deposit. This also means like you have an amount for yourself so you could utilize the amount when you’ll close the account, most probably with the interest.

Here are two cards which are alternatives you should look.


DCU stands for Digital Federal Credit Union It is a secure Visa PlatinumOffer Credit Card. This credit card shows that if you have bad credit it is not mandatory that you have to face the financial problems. NOW a day’s APR variable is 13.75 and this is totally fee free. There is no kind of fee or processing fee or annual fee.

It also gives you the offer to check the FICO you can check the status of your credit building whenever you want. It also gives your report of activity to 3 credit bureaus The other plus point is it also doesn’t require you to deposit the credit equal to your limit. It doesn’t even recommend you for how high you should be, so if an example you have $5000 you don’t need for some
time then your credit limit will be $5000 .

The one drawback of this card is that you should be the part of Digital Federal Credit Union for getting this card. YOU CAN also be the member of this card if

  • If you are related to the present member
  • If the company you are in or if retired is a member of this.
  • You are linked to the participating company.
  • Or May you work, live or the student of the linked institute.

Apart from extra hoops, this is one of best cards to consider.


If you have low credit and think others will not approve you for credit card then the OpenSky® Secured Visa® is best Credit Card that would help you. It don’t need credit check when you apply even the $35 is enough. The security deposit for the credit limit can be in between $200 to $3000. It report activity to 3 bureaus and the APR is variable 19.64% . And if you want advance you can you have to pay $6 or $5.

The DCU Visa secured card is better option to choose if you think others will deny you on having low credit.

Looking for credit it’s not compulsory to have big credit, infact even with big credit, before getting a card you should have search and compared it with different companies. And then you’ll get your best suitable card.