Opus Credit Card: Reviews, Complains, Alternatives, Apply & Benefits…

If you are in struggle to receive the approval for getting a credit card then Opus Credit Card is designed for such people and providing a platform for the people who are recently migrated towards UK, having less income, self employed or the people with no credit history or with a bad credit.

In the start, the limit offered by credit card is £250 to £1,200. You can increase your credit limit easily if you will manage your balance responsibly. There is no annual fee for this card but the representative APR is 39.9%. You will be charging with a late payment fee if you will not make your payments on the given due date then you will be charged with a fee of £12.

The range of APR Variable is from 39.9% to 69.9% that depends on your creditworthiness.

This card is providing a platform for customers who can manage their balance responsibly. For the convenience of their customer’s opus is dealing with their customers by providing them with good repayment dates, in the condition if you are having low balance when your repayment is due. You can activate the notification alert when your due date is near. Before applying for the Opus Credit Card, you can check the eligibility criteria so that you can improve your credit score.

The NewDayLtd provide you with the Opus Credit Card, which is famous for their bad credit card services.

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Card Highlights

Have a look at the highlights of Opus Credit Card:

  • If you are having a bad credit history you can be eligible for the card, good credit history is not compulsory.
  • The range of the credit limit is from £250 to £1200.
  • You can get the notification alert to make your payments on time.
  • There is no annual fee charged to you.
  • You can check your eligibility without harming your credit score.
Opus Credit Card: Reviews, Complains, Alternatives, Apply & Benefits... bothered to make an account

Rate & Fees

The details of rates and fees for the credit card are mentioned below:

  • For annual interest rates, the balance transfer fee is 39.95%.
  • The annual interest rate for purchases is 39.95%.
  • For cash withdrawals, the annual interest rate is 44.95%.
  • The annual fee is none.
  • Cash advance fees are 3 percent.
  • The minimum age to apply should be 18 years.
  • The overseas transaction fee is 2.95%.
What is Good? What is Bad?
You can transfer your money in
your bank account by using the
Money Transfers, for which you
have to pay 3% of the amount and
terms apply.
The card will cost you with high
APR due to which you can’t have a
balance in your card.
If you are having a bad credit or
want to build your credit history
you are eligible in both cases.
There are chances for some
customers to be charged with the
higher APR.
Provide you with the convenient
payment dates.
The application of the customers
having CCJs in the previous 12
months will not be accepted.
The range of the credit limit lies
between £250 to £1,200 in start.

Additional Charges

The Opus Credit Card Additional charges are such as

  • Late Payment Free charges are £12.
  • There is no inactivity fee.
  • Over Limit Fee is £12.
  • Returned Payment Charges are £12.
  • Copy Statement Charges are £5.
  • Copy Voucher Charges are £5.

Features & Benefits

If you are a user of the Opus Credit Card then you should know the benefits offered by the card. Moreover, if you are a new user you will be amazed with the benefits of the card and eagerly wants to apply for it.Some of the benefits of the cards are listed below:

  • You can transfer your money in your bank account by using the Money Transfers, for which you have to pay 3% of the amount and terms to apply.
  • If you are having bad credit or want to build your credit history you are eligible in both cases.
  • Provide you with the convenient payment dates.
  • The range of the credit limit lies between £250 to £1,200 in the start.
  • The rate of APRs ranges from 34.9% to 69.9%.
  • The Bank of England Base Rate is connected with the interest rates which do not include the promotional rates.

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Opus Credit Card Customer Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the
reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“Fortunately, this company accepted my request whereas; some other companies really put my down. They also increased my limit not once but twice. Definitely, I will keep my card with this company”.

“I had to make them improve my credit card as my credit was showing a negative indicator on my credit file. They apologized and now they put me on the line because according to them, I owed them money. This company runs like something out of Arthur Daley’s car lot. Recently, my card was stolen and these jokers had my new card for like 10 days that I had to cancel my card before it was delivered to me. Then they tried their best to charge me on my outstanding balance as interest and I had no other way to pay for things, I could not even buy items for my office, as I had no card and lost some weeks because of this. In the end, I called them because I had to make payments and I had this girl to get lip off for some uncomfortable reasons. Moreover, I asked them about when payments clear. I should not have a license for my credit card. Regretfully, there brilliant staff whom I talked to in the company with no assessment of staff in the matter of solving problem of the customer, inevitably let their own company down”.

“My limit increased to £1300 from £250, when I had a credit of £188 and was accepted”.

“If you don’t use your card for more than one year, by law, they don’t have the inform and they really don’t bother informing, if the debit card is about to expire. I was making manually within this time. My problem was solved but I had troubles as there was a bounce in my payment etc etc. Later, I made a new direct debit on the phone and unexpectedly they made it with full balance payment and not with minimum payment just like it was in the start, but no, they didn’t bother asking me about it. Later, they took out from my account as expected”.

“They have increased their rate of interest over the past few years and forced us to use the card for just temporary purposes”.

“This company is completely a nightmare. They accused me of owing £7000 to them that I certainly did not owe to them. I never in my life had any sort of deals with them not even I bothered to make an account nor I had a card so, they went to person who collects debt and sent letters to me about the debt causing me expense, tension and irritation. The thing was they mixed me up with someone with the same name as mine who had done dealings with them before. In this process, my credit rating was ruined. I had no means to call to them to get any compensation from them for what they did to my rating. It was a nightmare to me and I certainly recommend any of you to avoid it”.

“The problem that I am facing is that whenever a seller switched from royal mail to DHL, there is a 50% chance of not receiving my item or it arrives very late”.

“One of my recent bad experience with Amazon was that when I arrive home I found me card from Amazon Delivery Company just to inform that they put my card in the bin. Just to make sure, I checked my bin, and what I found was my card. Right there inside the bin. All I wish is that some other millionaire company comes out and give them a tough competition and put them out of it”.

“Another nightmare is their HTML nightmare. This nightmare does not allow saving or open message as the message is encrypted”.

“They are going to torture you until you are dead with their updates. After that, they will tell you that your desktop is slow because of uncertain reasons. Once the antivirus avast has finished working, then nothing on the desktop works as it should be. An open message to Avast from me is that kindly let us have some peace”.

“They misunderstood me because of the same name and put thousands of pounds claim on my head. They did not bothered granting me compensation after destroying my life. Instead of a compensation, they rather tried to blame another company for this. I will never forgive them for what they did, I will always remember”.

“They will spam you with their unwanted emails till your last breath. The filter does not really cope with so many spam emails, and unfortunately I cannot even unsubscribe because there is no option on the email you receive”.

“Please, before purchasing I would highly recommend you to check the keyboard first in the shop. I faced so many problems in my galaxy tablet s2. It does not stop typing wrong letters”.

“Can someone do something about these awful company spamming people with their hundreds of unwanted and endless adverts on freeview tv. The adverts follow one after the other. I don’t care about the price and offer and will never have anything to do with BT”.

“I am tired of their Sales adverts on talking pictures tv. I am so tired of it that I would never have no matter what the cost will be. Maybe the advert appears 50 times a day and it’s killing me”.

Minimum Criteria for apply

  • You should be 18+ to get eligible for the card.
  • Must have a permanent UK address.
  • Should not have a history with bankruptcy in the period of the last 18 months.

How To Apply For Opus Credit Card

  • Go to the home page of Opus Credit Card Website at www.opuscard.co.uk.
  • Scroll down and hit on the “Apply Now” button.
  • After clicking, the application page will appear. Add your personal data, your contact information, your details related to employment and finance details and your bank information.
  • After filling, scroll down and click on “Apply Now” link.

How To Check Opus Credit Card Application Status

In order to know about the status of your application for Opus Credit Card, kindly access the customer service by redialing the given number i.e. 0333-414-1077.

How To Activate Card

In order to activate your Opus Credit Card, kindly access the customer service by redialing the given number i.e. 0808 156 6597. After activating your card, you can use it in different stores.

Opus Credit Card Login Procedure

  • Visit the official site of Opus and locate Opus CC above page. On the top of the screen, there is a “Login” widget.
  • Click on the tab “Continue to login”.
  • Write your personal ID in the given field.
  • In the end, click on the “Continue” button.

How To Recover Opus Credit Card Lost Username ID And Password

  • From the website, go to the Opus CC login page.
  • Once you are there, scroll down and click on “Reset Password” button.
  • Complete the details with your credit card account details, Social Security Number last four digits, Security Code and Zip Code.
  • Next, click on the submit button.

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How to Cancel Your Credit Card Account

In order to terminate your Opus Credit Card account, you can use the customer service by dialling the 0333 4141077 using your phone.

Lost/Stolen Cards

If in any case you lost your card or it might be stolen then you can use them
customer service by dialling 0333 4141077 using your phone.

How To Make Bill Payment With APEC Business Travel Card

If you want to make a bill payment then you can simply log in to your credit card account go for the payment tab and next you have to select the payments options and then you can make your payment for bills easily.

Opus Credit Card Customer Service Center

For further enquiries and problems, you can contact Opus CC Specialist by calling at the numbers that are given below 0333 414 1077 anytime 24/7.

Opus Credit Card Application

If you want to access your account using your phone then you can use the links given below. For IOS user you can go through the second link and for the android user, the first link is appropriate.

  • For Android

Android customers can use this link to download a mobile application:

  • For IOS

IOS customers can use this link to download the mobile application:

Opus Credit Cards Alternatives

Let us compare the Opus Credit Cards with other cards.



  • Assumed Line Of Credit

According to your specific conditions, with purchases Visa, Opus Credit Card and Barclaycard Initial assume a credit line of 1200. Moreover, the duration of entry concessions of the credit line, and the annual interest rate may alter.

  • Differences
Annual Interest Rate Purchase Rate
The interest rate of Opus Credit
Card’s is 39.9%.
The purchase rate for Barclaycard
Initial with Purchases Visa is 34.9%.
The interest rate of Barclaycard
Initial with Purchases Visa’s is 34.9%.
Whereas, the purchase rate for
Opus Credit Card is 39.95%.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does the Opus Card takes to arrive?

The Opus Card will be sent in the post if it succeeds through the credit check process. This process may take up to 14 days. For fast delivery, you can pay extra and card will arrive sooner. If you do not receive the card then use the customer service number i.e. 0333 414 1077 *.

  • What is the process of transferring money using Opus Card?

You can easily transfer your money using your opus card by calling on the
customer service number i.e.0333 220 2669 *. Now provide the 16-digit card
number by using which you have to transfer money.

  • Can you use a credit card the same day you get approved?

Many credit card companies provide same day approval but if you have applied online and only some companies will allow you to use your card the same day as it is approved. The meaning is that you will not be able to get your physical credit card the same day of its approval.

  • How quickly can I get a credit card?

It will take 10 business days after you apply for it. The fast credit card service can deliver your card within 7 business days but it might take longer as it also depends on the speed of your new provider processes your application.

  • Can I recharge my OPUS card online?

In order to recharge your OPUS card online, you must first purchase or have an access to a card reader. From the website, the card reader can be ordered online for $16.66 including tax and shipping fee and it will arrive within 5 to 7 business days. It has a one year guarantee and can be used to top up more than one numbers of cards.