Offerup Reviews: & Customer Complaints. Is It A Legit Online Application?

Everyone is facing a problem of buying the things that are useless and are not used by anyone in the house. So these products end up to be in the garbage or in your cupboards. The things that you are disposing or hiding may be a need of someone. To end up this issue an app named as OfferUp is there for you people to stay away from all the items which you don’t need. You will obviously think about the app before using it whether it’s secure or is a scam that’s why for this reason you can go through the OfferUp Reviews. You can come up with all the negative and positive points by going through OfferUp Reviews. Go through the points.

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What is OfferUp?

OfferUp is an app that you can get from It is a platform by using which people can sell their items which are not in their use and they don’t want to keep it and can buy the items which they want from their nearby friends and neighbors. In 2020 OfferUp was initiated in the location Bellevue, Washington. Andreessen Horowitz and T. Rowe Price were the co-founders of the company.

How Does OfferUp App Work?

  • Buying

You can buy items at OfferUp very easily. By using your location the items near to you are shown by the app. By using the search bar you can search the items which you want to buy. After searching the item which you need you can simply make an offer or you can also ask the seller by messaging. After you are satisfied with the price you can plan a meet-up and can start business. You can set the miles you can cover and can give the range of the price which you can pay for the item.

  • Selling

If you want to get rid of the item you are having and want to sell it on the app of OfferUp all you have to do is to take a clear picture of the product and provide the features of the product as it is. Then select the type of the item and give detailed informatio about that item, give the price and upload the product and after that wait for the response by any buyer to contact you.

If you are going to sell your mobile device then firstly you have to enter the condition of the device then enter the details like it is used or not, open box, repaired or is a new set. When the potential buyer search for the item he will view all the details mentioned. If he will be satisfied with the item the next step is to plan a meet up to finalize the price.

Is OfferUp Free?

Both sellers and buyers can use the app freely. You can register yourself by using the Offerup website or can download the app from the Android Play store or Ios App store. For both devices, links are different. You have to pay for it if you will download apps the same as these at the

OfferUp Seller Fees

You can sell on OfferUp for free. In addition to this seller can promote his item by using the promotional ads on different social sites but for this, they have to pay the fee related to it. In the OfferUp app. the paid bump feature that is optional ranks your item for which you had purchased the feature to the top list of the buyer. It means that the selected item is visible to every buyer when they browse for that item. It is the best way to make your item sell quickly and to visible it. You can get more information from this link.

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OfferUp Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and offerup reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“The fault is not OfferUp’s. I am overtired of listening to people who keep on saying that they want something and never bothers to show up or not even bother to write back. For the last 3 months about 40 times. Really, need a platform to write a review that makes an offer and then does not bother to appear again. I am tired of this.”

“They keep on removing, any items that are harmful and this is really a good thing. I am impressed on how fast they are on processing items in their website. What if someone harms from that item when bought. I like it.”

“I wanted to clean my house and I had lots of extra stuff that I do not want any more. Therefore, I had to get rid of extra stuff and posted my items on OfferUp. Within half an hour, I was getting responses from different people asking about my extra stuff. It really looked like a commercial on how fast the process was going on. People would come up and pick items and the whole procedure was super-fast. I was amazed. I also encountered scammers and I told them that they come and pick stuff and they never really showed.”

“This application provides services such as buying and selling. The people here are great and very nice. I used this application and got rid of my unwanted stuff that I do not needed anymore.”

“My friend recommended this application when he came in my house and saw all my useless stuff. On his recommendation, I used this and my experience with OfferUp was very great. At first, I got freaked out on how everything was going smoothly without getting fraud.”

“Although there are scammers in this application but apart from this OfferUp is a good app. I got rid of many unwanted items that I wanted to throw out from my backyard. I wish I could knew earlier about this app.”

How Do I Rate Sellers and Buyers on OfferUp?

After sealing the deal you can rate your experience with the buyer and as well as a seller. After selling or buying the item, you have to visit the app again to rate it by using the five-star rating system.

OfferUp App Features

  • Offers
Offerup Reviews: & Customer Complaints. Is It A Legit Online Application? crime with

There is a section in the Offerup app named as offers. In this section, you can put the items that you want to sell quickly or at a cheap price.

  • Followers

If you follow someone on the app of OfferUp then it means that you can look all their posting and is interested in viewing more item which the other is putting up for sale. You can easily see the people following you by using the app.

OfferUp Bump

As it is mentioned before, OfferUp is completely free to use but if the user wants to feature their item on the top that would make it easier to sell that’s where “Bump” feature comes. In order to use Bump, click on the “promotion” tab under the photo.

Moreover, rates of Bump offers are given below.

  • $7.99 for 3 days
  • $12.99 for 7 days
  • $19.99 for 14 days

What Can’t I Sell on OfferUp?

You are probably wondering whether you can sell that porn collection your wife has been raising hell about. Well, sadly you can’t. Actually, you can’t sell items such as:

If you are thinking of selling porn collection that your wife has been raising all this time, then you will have to be disappointed because you cannot sell items such as

  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
  • Offensive Items or Adult Content
  • Animals and Animal related products
  • Replica Items and Counterfeit
  • Intangible Items, Food and Gift Cards
  • Medicine
  • Anything that is illegal

What We Like About OfferUp

You can buy and sell items easily that you do not need anymore by using the application, you can do business free. For example, if your home is filled with unwanted items and stuff that you do not want anymore, you wish to exchange them with items that you really want in your home, and people close to you will see new items.

OfferUp App Complaints

As we promised, here is the poop on OfferUp and we have lots of it. Make sure you know things listed below while using OfferUp.

  • There are lots of scammers

There are many chances of getting scammed as the people who bought or sold OfferUp said so. There is a possibility that people might sell fake items such as collectibles or rate items. Do not forget to confirm items that you are going to buy before handing over the money.

  • You are on your own

If you remember an App called Vinted, they had a community in which there was a secure vetting procedure. Whereas, OfferUp has no such communities. Anyone here can claim himself a user, so it is better to stay alert.

“Did they just tell me to call 911?”The customer service will not help you when the shit hits the fan. One user was asked to report a crime with the police after she bought a fake laptop through the app. Damn!

If the shit hits the fan, the customer support will not bother helping you. A user through the application bought a fake laptop and was asked to report the crime with the police.

  • Negative BBB

During the time of writing ratings for OfferUp’s review, I would say Better
Business Bureau is an F. No need to be amazed.

  • You Better Bump It Up

As informed earlier, the app is free to use but theirs is a catch. People at OfferUp will make money by any means that includes bundling out featured items, ads, and posts from seller. Indeed, you don’t have to expect your stuff sells fast unless you use the Bump.

  • You have to walk the mile to do business

If you are thinking of buying and selling items on OfferUp, for that you will have to move physically to do business. Do you know is an app on which you can do business without moving your body? Well, now you know.

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OfferUp App Alternatives

As you see the complaints, it’s better to try the new alternative ways. There are applications such as Vinted that helps in preventing scammers do their dirty things. Another alternative is the, in this app; the user can earn free cash and rewards and can buy anything using these rewards. It will hel you in preventing getting fake stuff from fake people. Moreover, is another application that helps you earn cashback and grant you $10 just for signing up.

  • Is The Offer Up App Safe?

OfferUp may be free but it is not secure regarding sellers that are on this application. Unlike other applications like Vet, people on OfferUp are open to anyone in terms of invitations. Anyone can take advantage of you if you are not on guard. No one in the application verifies users, so it’s like roaming in the dark with no directions. The customer support services are poor, as they do not take actions on what is going on in the application. If you are looking to make money while shopping, then try these and

These are my thoughts on OfferUp. If you have yours please share with us as we would love to read your opinions in the comment section.