Marbles Credit Card: Reviews, Complaints, Alternatives, Apply & Benefits..

Marbles Credit Card is designed for the customers who are having a bad credit history or they are in search of getting back their credit, or if you have been rejected in the history. The solution for all the problems might be Marbles Credit Card.

The NewDay Ltd. will provide you with a Marbles Credit Card. There is an eligibility checker provided so that you can know it easily whether the Marbles approves your application or not. This will help you and do not affect your credit rating and this action is completed instantly. By using your Marbles Credit Card, you can have the financial freedom and this platform with providing you with the platform where you can make purchases and shop online and can do cash withdrawals and others. As this is a MasterCard, so you can use it everywhere around the world.

The range of credit limit lies between £250 up to £1,200. You will not be charged with an annual fee on using this card. You can select the repayment date as per your choice. If you are in search of controlling your finances or you want to merge your entire card to get a single card that is convenient for you, this will be the right choice for you for sure.

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Card Highlights

Have a look on the highlights of Marbles Credit Card:

  • If you are having a bad credit history you can be eligible for the card, good credit history is not compulsory.
  • The range of the credit limit is from £250 to £1200.
  • You can get the notification alert to make your payments on time.
  • There is no annual fee charged to you.
  • You will get an online access to your account.
  • You can check your eligibility without harming your credit score.

Rate & Fees

The details of rates and fees for the credit card are mentioned below:

  • For annual interest rates the balance transfer fee is 29.75%.
  • The annual interest rate for purchases is 29.75%.
  • For cash withdrawals the annual interest rate is 39.94%.
  • The annual fee is none.
  • Cash advance fees is 3 percent.
  • The minimum age to apply should be 18 years.
  • The overseas transaction fee is 2.95%.
What’s Good? What’s Bad?
If you are having a bad credit or want to build your credit history you’re eligible in both cases. The card will cost you with high
APR due to which you can’t have a
balance in your card.
The range of the credit limit is up to £1,200. There are chances for some
customers to be charged with the
higher APR.
You will be charged with the lowest APRs if you are having a low credit

Additional Charges

The Marbles Credit Card Additional charges are such as

  • Late Payment Fee charges are £12.
  • There is no inactivity fee.
  • Over Limit Fee is £12.
  • Returned Payment Charges are £12.
  • Copy Statement Charges are £5.
  • Copy Voucher Charges are £5.

What benefits can I get with a Marbles Credit Card?

  • You can easily rebuild your credit score by just making your full payments on time every month. If you are able to complete all the conditions then you can improve your credit score in limited time. The payment date is selected by your own as per your convenience. Only two changes are allowed per year. You will receive a notification alert about your payment and the balance so that you will feel easy while managing your balance.
  • Soft searching. By using the eligibility checker, which is fast, provided by marbles. You can easily get to know whether you are selected for the card without any harm on your credit score. You will get response soon.
  • Managing Accounts Online. You can access to your account to manage your account activities that include how to manage your payments, view transactions and tracking of your account’s balance anytime anywhere by using the website of marbles.
  • Uses All over the world. As the type of marbles credit card is MasterCard so you can use this card anywhere in the 35 million places all over the world.
  • Secure Platform. You can shop peacefully while shopping online by using the MasterCard SecureCode.
  • Contactless payments. They have the feature of contactless payments that are under £30.

Marbles Credit card Customer Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the
reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“ As I am the old customer of marbles I don’t have any issue on having this card or in case I have any issue regarding my payment or something else they are all time ready to help me as this card is meeting all the requirements of mine so it is a good option.”

“ Excellent service, they have quick service and notify you with all the up-to-date information when is needed.”

“ Their customer support is worse. I tried to contact them multiple time and every time they refused me to help. Your team should learn some manners as this is disgusting.”

“Best option to have. I own this card from the last two year and recently in December; I got an increase in my credit limit, which effected my credit score in good sense. I wonder when I get the increase in limit again.”

“Very useful and east to use. To use their app is definitely one of the best platform provided by them. A big Thank you.”

“Marble card is the great card I make my payments on time and in full and I don’t have to make the minimum payment only as I have only money by using which I can do shopping.”

Marbles Credit Card: Reviews, Complaints, Alternatives, Apply & Benefits.. notification alert about your

“This card is very nice and convenient. You can apply for this card easily; I make payments for my first bill using the online service, which was very easy to use. They are not providing the good rates but to take a start we all have to choose one platform and marbles is that easygoing platform. Surely I will recommend this card to everyone.”

“I have tried a multiple times to contact the customer advisor but could not reach them…. Every time when I send, complain they always say that they are trying to approach me. I had given my all the contact details plus my account details but still they are not willing to contact me. Currently my mobile is not working so I am waiting to receive an email. You people are unaware of the situation, which I am suffering from. I am completely exhausted and is very upset with this company on the treatment, which
you are giving me as a valued customer. I am amazed that by using my past details you are blackmailing me every day by using my invalid phone number. This is so depressive.”

“Easy to apply, the process of application is completed in few minutes. Their team is very humble and polite and they provide you with the latest information and provide you a platform to increase your credit limit.”

“I am not having my card with me from the long time but I must say this is perfect. Easy to apply, their customer service team is very humble and polite and they provide you with the latest information to keep you up to date. They inform you when you are near to your limit by sending you text so that you should be aware. They also show you a reminder with a statement that you might have to face a penalty if you spend over. Who wants more…?”

“They provided me with the best APR charges in comparison to others. Very convenient to use and customer service is amazing they always keep you up to date with your payments and spending.”

Credit Limit Increases

In the start, the credit limit for marbles credit is very low that is £100 to £250. Your main task is to make effort to get an increase in the credit limit, after you crossed the limit £1,000 you will get positive impact on your credit score. By using this card, you can rebuild your credit limit after the first three months, which will be after the fourth statement.

You can also request for an increase in the credit limit manually after every four months. You will not harm you credit score in this way by using the eligibility checker which marbles is providing you. Once you credit limit is raised Marbles will report this to the credit agencies.

If you are in search of creating a good credit history then increase in the credit limit is beneficial for you in this regard. However, this is not good for everyone. According to the research done by FCA, the people who are getting an unrequested increase in the credit limit will end up with the debt which they cannot pay easily. So think before applying for higher credit limit.

Interest Charges

If we do a comparison of Marbles card with the other credit builder cards then this card is charging you with a higher interest rate that is 34.9% APR. However, if you are making your full payments on time on a monthly basis then this is not a big deal for you because there is zero interest rate on the clear balance. You can select the repayment date as per your choice so that it will be convenient for you. Below is the table which displays you the interest rate which you have to experience while making payment of £1,000 balance which is 33.8% APR as per assumption that is based on the monthly payments size.

The chart given above will show you that how much time you will need to pay back a balance of £1,000 balance on the credit card which is charging you 33.8% APR and the interest rate you have to pay. You can come to know how extravagant it is to make minimum payments.

Why apply for a Marbles Card?

The conditions given below are to know why this card is worth applying.

  • The customer service number is UK based.
  • You can manage your account online.
  • Can withdraw cash anywhere all around the world.
  • Provide you with a secure platform.
  • You can select the repayment date as per your choice.
  • Notified with the text if you are near to cross the credit limit.
  • The annual fee is none.
  • They provide you with the purchase protection.

Minimum Criteria for apply

  • You should be 18+ to get eligible for the card.
  • Must have a permanent UK address.
  • Should not have history with bankruptcy in the period of last 18 months.
  • Should not have any CCJs in the past one year.

How To Apply For Marbles Credit Card

  • Go to the home page of Marbles Credit Card Website at
  • Now check your eligibility by clicking on it.
  • Scroll down and hit on “Apply Now” button.
  • After clicking, the application page will appear. Add your personal data, your contact information, your details related to employment and finance details and your bank information.
  • After filling, scroll down and click on “Eligibility Check” link.
  • Provide the complete details to complete the process.

How To Check For Marbles Credit Card Application Status

In order to know about the status of your application for Marbles Credit Card, kindly access the customer service by redialing the given number i.e.0333-220- 2692.

How To Activate Marbles Credit Card

In order to activate your Marbles Credit Card, kindly access the customer service by redialing the given number i.e. 0800 328 2523. After activating your card, you can use it in different stores.

How To Login To Marbles Credit Card

  • Visit the official site of Marbles and locate the homepage page.
  • On the top of the screen, there is a “Login” widget.
  • Click on the tab “Continue to login”.
  • Write your Username and Password in the given field.
Marbles Credit Card: Reviews, Complaints, Alternatives, Apply & Benefits.. 500, plus two
  • Next Click on the Login button to access your account.

How To Recover Marbles Credit Card Username ID And Password

  • From the website, go to the Marbles login page.
  • Once you are there, scroll down and click on “Reset Password” button.
  • Complete the details with your credit card account details, Last name, card number, Date of birth and card expiry date.
  • Now, click on the Next button.

Lost or Stolen Card

If in any case you lost your card or it might be stolen then you can use the
customer service by dialing the number i.e. 0333 220 2692 using your phone inside the UK. Moreover, can call on the number +44 113 244 9747 if you are not calling from the UK.

How To Make Bill payment With Marbles Credit Card

To pay your bill you can simply log in to your account then go through the
dashboard of your account and next click on the payment button. If you do not have online access you can pay it using your phone by dialling the number 0333 220 2692.

Marbles Credit Card Customer Service Center

For further enquiries and problems, you can contact Marbles Specialist by calling at the numbers that are given below.

  • Customers within the UK can call us at – 0333-220-2692.
  • Customers in overseas can call us at – +44 113 244 9747.

Mailing Address

The Mailing address is given below:

MarblesCustomer service
P.O.Box 136
Sheffield S98 1HB

Marbles Card Applications

If you want to access your account using your phone then you can use the links given below. For IOS user you can go through the second link and for android user the first link is appropriate.

  • For Android

Android customers can use this link to download the mobile application:

Marbles Credit Card: Reviews, Complaints, Alternatives, Apply & Benefits.. account by using Marbles
  • For IOS

IOS customers can use this link to download the mobile application:

How does the Marbles Card Compare to Other Credit Cards?

Let us compare the Marbles card with other cards. Have a look below for complete details. After reading the comparison, you can select a card for you which is suitable for you.

Marbles Card vs Aqua Rewards Credit Card

As the Aqua Rewards Credit Card is an excellent card for you if you are planning a trip abroad this will lead you to earn rewards and in this way, you can improve your credit score. You will be charge with a 0.5% cash back rate on your spending. There are no foreign transaction fees.

Marbles Card vs Capital One Classic Card

As the Capital One Classic Credit Card is an excellent card for you if you are having a bad credit history in the state of the UK. The soft search method is used by Capital One’s which is a tool which checks your credit history quickly. Capital One will guaranty you that you are accepted if you are eligible for the pre-application QuickCheck process. Despite the condition that your id is not found or there is a fraud prevention record in past. The range of credit limit is £200 to £1,500, plus two credit increase on your request.

Marbles Card vs Vanquis Classic Card

Vanquis Classic Card is famous to rebuild the credit limit in the UK. The people who are having a bad credit history wants to create a credit history, or are unemployed are all eligible for this card. In the start, the credit limit is a bit low that ranges between £150 and £1,000, with the rate of APR 39.9%. The Potential applicant’s eligibility checker to see whether they are eligible to apply and come to know before the application process whether they will be accepted or not. This card is a great platform to avoid rejected applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Marbles credit card?

Marbles Credit Card is planned for the customers so that they can easily manage their finance and can rebuild their credit history easily. The NewDay will provide you with a Marbles Credit Card, which owns the companies like aqua and opus. The application process of this card is very easy to understand in comparison to the other cards and provide you with the maximum limit of £1,200.

  • Is it possible to transfer money from Marbles Credit card to bank account?

Yes, you can transfer cash to your bank account by using Marbles card where you the MasterCard logo. The rate charged is 3% (minimum £3) which is deducted on every withdraw of cash.

  • How much time does the Marbles Credit Card takes to arrive?

The Marbles Card will be sent in the post if it succeeds through the credit check process. This process may take up to 10 days. For fast delivery, you can pay extra and card will arrive sooner. If you do not receive the card then you can take help from the provider.

  • Using Marbles Credit Card, can I withdraw money?

Yes, you can withdraw money using Marbles card where you the MasterCard logo. 3% tax(minimum £3) is deducted on every withdraw of cash.

  • What is the rate of APR charged on Marbles Credit Card?

The rate is APR charged is slightly higher than other cards. For purchases, the interest rate is 34.95%, which is standard, which is representative. When you borrow £300 the APR representative is 34.9%.