Legacy Credit Card: Login, Benefits, Reviews, Alternatives, Rewards

Legacy Credit Card: Login, Benefits, Reviews, Alternatives, Rewards poor credit card, so the

First National Bank offers you a Legacy Credit Card, as it fails to meet the standards of giving and take the concept. On the other hand, it provides it, users, various types of benefits, all of them come up with an increase, which may change the future of the respective cardholder.

You have to pay for the card if you are having it along with you, and if you have a balance in your card, you can never take it out from it. If you are having a poor credit in your card then the secured credit card is suitable for you in this condition. You can be qualified for the secure card if you have poor credit.

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Legacy Visa Credit Card Review

Below is the quick review of the Legacy Credit Card for your attention:

  • The Annual Fee you will be charged is $75, which is billed at $6.25 every month.
  • The rate of APR charge is 29.9%.
  • The Initial Credit Limit is $350 to $1500; it depends on your credit.

Other Optional Cardholder Programs include:

  • PREMIUM Club membership, which is $4.95 per month. On having a membership you will get a discount on rental cars, dining, hotels, entertainment, and prescriptions.
  • Payment Protection Plan, which is $0.89/$100 of your monthly balance. It helps you to make minimum payments done so that you will be saved from paying to incur late fees if for some reason you are not able to pay your fees. The reasons include hospitalization, unemployment, medical leave for certified family, disability, jury duty, military leave).

Minimum Payment:

  • The minimum payment is your full balance if your credit is less than $30.
  • The minimum payment is $30 or 4 %( the greater one) or 1% of the balance in addition to the late fee and interest if your balance is greater than $30.

Other Fees:

  • For late payments, you will be charged $25.
  • And for returned payments, you will be charged $25.
  • For cash advances, you will be charged 2% of the amount that is a minimum $20.
  • For the authorized user, you will be charged $20 and it’s optional.

Legacy Visa Customer’s Reviews and Complaints

“Having this card is waste of money and time. I called the customer service for an increase after 6 months and they denied me. They denied me, the call representative was weird and rude, and his way of talking is unprofessional. I asked about the increase and they said rudely that you have the card for only 6 months. I make my payments on time every month but now I am done. It did not even effect my score and cause damage. You cannot manage in a range of $350 credit and they take $75 fee for this. And if you exceed the use of credit line more than 30% then there is a drop.”

“Almost everyone is giving negative reviews but I have to mention one thing that is they give you a chance and trust on you when you are having a bad credit at least until your credit is increased to a certain level. There is some fee which you have to pay but if your credit is in the range you are out of all this mess.”

“To increase my credit I have been using the legacy card after my ex destroyed it. I have no problem with this company at all”

“I can sign in my account anytime anywhere and for this purpose; I do not need my credit card to have with me. I have set an automatic payment system that alerts me when the due date is near.”

“This is easy going card and I never faced any problem regarding this card and never faced any fund system for any reason. Yes the rate of APR is little high but all the credit cards other than this is also doing the same in regard of increasing the credit rating.”

“Jasmine Feliciano is my name and I was applying for the card and before the application process is completed they informed me that my application is already in progress for which I have never applied before.”

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Benefits and Rewards

To know why the people are attracted to this credit card you must know the benefits offered by Legacy Credit Card so that you will come up to know why the people are falling in love to have it along with them. The one of the biggest benefit of this card is that you can sign up for having the premium membership program by this way you can save your money on different thing like dining out, on medical prescription and entertainment. Some of the additional benefits include you can manage your account online and can create a payment protection plan.

Legacy Credit Card: Login, Benefits, Reviews, Alternatives, Rewards have set an automatic

Up Charges

In reality, the benefits you can have by using your Legacy Credit Card, in the start make it a better option. Many people are unaware and do not give any attention to the fact that they have to pay and additional charges for availing these benefits and the cardholders will likely outweigh the rewards for which they have to pay. You need to pay an additional fee for becoming the art of premium membership
program and your rewards will not be cut off if you will not eat on regular basis or take any prescription of medication regularly. There are certain cards in comparison that serve you with better rewards at low cost.

Why to Apply for the Legacy Visa Credit Card

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned below, you are likely to apply for the Legacy Visa Credit Card. Read the terms mentioned below for your interest:

  • Saving via traveling and entertainment: 

If you will sign up for Legacy Visa Credit Card premium membership program you will be qualified for different discount offers which include discounts on traveling expenses like the rent of hotel and rent a car as well as receive a discount on entertainment and dining. Prescription medicines can also be qualified for such discounts.

  • Protection against the unexpected:

The payment protection plan of Legacy Visa Credit Card will guaranty you that you will never lack behind your payments if in any case you are not able to make your payments done for the reasons like hospitalization, unemployment and any other unexpected reason. The company will make your payments done every month up to $5,000 until the customers again get stable. If you want to make a claim you must enroll yourself in the program 30 days before and only one claim can be justified in 120 days’ time-period. While availing these benefits you are restricted to make any further changes in your card.

  • Simple online account management: 

After signing in your account which is provided to you by Legacy Visa Credit Card Login you can then easily manage your account, view your account summary, change your alert settings and can set up an automatic payments system.

Legacy Credit Card Login Procedure

If you want access to your Legacy Credit Card login to manage your account. Go through the process mentioned below:

  • Go to the official site of Legacy Card by using this link.
  • You will be directed towards the sign in page.
  • Here you have to enter your username and password in the given space.
  • Now click on the login button to access your account.

How to Recover Username and Password

In case if you have forgotten your account’s username or password and want to
recover it then you may follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official site of a legacy credit card to access the sign in page.
  • Now click on the “Forgot password link”.
  • Next, you have to enter the information like your username, Social Security Number last four digits and your mailing zip code.
  • In the last step, click on “Find my Account” to complete the process.
Legacy Credit Card: Login, Benefits, Reviews, Alternatives, Rewards able to pay

How to Apply for Legacy Credit Card

If you are interested in Legacy Card and want to apply for this then you have to go through the steps mentioned below for your guideline:

  • Visit the official site to access the application page by using this link.
  • In the first step, you have to enter your reservation number.
  • Now you have to verify mailing address.
  • Further, you have to complete the acceptance form and verify your information.
  • Next, accept the offer and finish the process.

If you want to mail the acceptance form then you can use the mailing address given below:


PO Box 5097,

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5097

How to Check Legacy Credit Card Application Status

If you want to check you Legacy Card application status you can do it so by making a call on the number 1-605-782-3391 using your phone.

How to Activate Legacy Card

You can activate your Legacy card using your phone, dial the number 1-800-642- 0014 and provide the information asked by the representative to complete the activation process. Soon your card will be activated.

Legacy Visa Credit Card: Drawbacks and Downsides

As this card is designed for the individuals with an average or poor credit card, so the Legacy Credit Card find hurting their customers by not fulfilling their requirements.

  • High APR:
Legacy Credit Card: Login, Benefits, Reviews, Alternatives, Rewards 75 fee for this

If you are unable to pay your APR rate that is 29.9% then Legacy Credit Card is unforgiving for you in this regard. For example, you can only make payment around $30 and still have to pay $500. Let us assume you pay each month the same amount so for this you will take 22 months on which you have to pay an extra interest of $154. Moreover, any additional purchases you will make during this time will not affect your credit score.

  • Nothing comes free:

Some of the benefits offered by Legacy Visa Credit Card serve you u with an additional fee, which minimizes their usefulness. You have to pay $75 on having a card with you per year. There are many more cards out there for you, which offer you the same benefits without any additional fee.

Legacy Visa Credit Card Alternatives

If you are in search of availing different rewards with less fees than for this we will suggest you to go these cards.

Cardholders with poor credit should go for Secured Credit Card as it better suits them. You will have to pay zero annual fees, but for this, you must save the refundable deposit of at least $200. The APR charged is 24.49%, which is high, but this is not an issue as if you pay the full balance every month without any break. On rotating categories, you can earn 2% cash back and on every purchase you make you will get 1% cash back. By making on-time payments you can raise your credit score. If you want to get different rewards and allow you to raise your credit limit you can have a Capital One QuicksilverOne Credit Card. The annual fee you will be charged is $39 and APR is 24.99% but you can earn back some of your credit by making purchases and getting 1.5% on every purchase you make. If you will make the first five payments of your credit card on time then you are qualified for higher credit line which will help you to raise your credit score.

Not Great for People with Low Credit Scores

The people having low credit score cannot have this card with them because of high APR and fees. They will not be approved or in any case they are approved their credit limit will be set to very low scale. Moreover, the repayments and fees is not compensated which may move you towards difficulties for having a legacy
credit card with you. The customers with low credit score must use the secured credit card as this is the better option for them to have.

Moreover, the Legacy Visa Credit Card is not the outstanding option for most of
the people due to it outweighed fees and interest rate. Therefore, this card is not suitable in most of the conditions. There are more better options other than this card which offers various benefits as a competitor in very low fees and the cardholder can have other benefits on having other such cards with them. Many cards offers you low feed and interest rate.