HSBC Credit Card – Best HSBC Credit Cards 2020: Reviews & Benefits

HSBC Credit Card is issued by HSBC and it offers variety of options for the people having bad credit. From the variety of the offer the most famous one is Orchard Bank ® Secured MasterCard, For this card you have to pay very low annual fee and the interest rate is also very low which is a great combination and make the credit card the best one so far and is available everywhere.

In 2020, Capital One holds the business of the U.S. credit cards offered by HSBC and the Orchard Bank ® Secured MasterCard was terminated. But don’t panic if you are still interested to rebuild your credit than there are other options available for you so that you can use it easily. The Capital One which later holds the business of HSBC Card will provide you with the best-secured cards option in the market like Capital One ® Secured MasterCard®.

HSBC Credit Card - Best HSBC Credit Cards 2020: Reviews & Benefits they said that the verification

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Best HSBC Credit Cards for 2020

Still cash is under discussion now a days whether it is important in making different purchases, If you want to redeem your credit points that the cash back reward is better suited for you in this case. The cash back option is mostly in the like list as it is easy to use and offers many rewards without any condition to be fulfilled.

If you are confused to select the best HSBC card for cash back rewards than this is an easy process because only one card is offered by the bank for cash back services and that is HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card. As it is the only card for cash back purpose, this card is in competition with the other similar cards in the market.

The list of best HSBC Credit Cards is mentioned below:

HSBC Credit Cards For…

  • Low-Interest Rate
  • Cash Back Rewards
  • Travel Credit Cards

HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card – Best Cash Back Card

The HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card is one of the best cash back cards along with this trait it is also the topmost card in the total HSBC cards. The reason behind this is that the HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard ® Credit Card offers a variety of higher rewards in comparison with all the other cards. In transferring your balance it, charge you very low introductory APR. On the other purchases, you make you can earn 1.5% cash back. These very low rates are mainly the reason the contenders in the market, as it is the topmost cash back credit card and has many competitors in the market even from the banks like American Express or Chase bank.

This card is suitable for the customers who failed to pay their credit card debt as it provide its customers with the comfort to make the payments. The HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card charges you 0% of the introductory APR in balance transfer in the first 15 months after opening your account. After that, you will be charged 15.24%, 19.24% or 25.24% Variable APR. The drawback of this card is that you have to pay the high transfer fee that is normally not as much high. You have to pay $10 or 4% of the amount you transfer whichever is greater. Many other balance transfer credit cards, which are the topmost, charge you 3% or sometimes waive the fee. Moreover, if you want a combo of cash back rewards and balance transfer opportunities than this HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard® credit card will suit you the most in this regard.


  • On all the other purchases you make you can earn 1.5% cash back.
  • If you spend $2,500 in the first 3 months after opening the account, you can get $150 as a bonus cash reward.
  • Have a look at the Rates and Fees.

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HSBC Premier World Mastercard® Credit Card – Best Travel Credit Card of HSBC

If you are having an account of HSBC Premier Card, then HSBC Premier World MasterCard is the best option for you so far. If you are not a user of this kind off account than you can apply for this card. Only a customer can plan for the Premier account who is able to maintain at least $100,000 balance through HSBC. If you are unable to complete this condition then you have to pay for it. Moreover, if you cannot stand to complete the requirements than this card is not worth for you neither the Premier account.

If you are successful in meeting the requirements that you don’t have to pay the annual fee for this card, which is great if we have a look on the benefits we can avail using this card. You will get a credit of $85 to recompense the pre-application fee. You can save your time at the airport on having this. You will also get $50 credit annually for rides of Uber and Lyft until you are using your HSBC Premier World Card to make payments. The benefits you come to know are few many others are still waiting for you. Visit the website of HSBC if you are interested in travel using your Premier Card.


  • If you are a qualified client of HSBC Premier than you do not have to pay an annual fee.
  • You will also get $50 credit annually for rides of Uber and Lyft.
  • You will earn a 10% discount if you book a hotel stay or vacation resort using Expedia, one fine stay or Agoda.

HSBC Gold Mastercard® Credit Card – Best Low Interest

You will be provide with the low interest rates on having a HSBC Gold MasterCard® credit card. After opening your account in the first 18 months, you will get introductory APR of 0% for the purchases you make and for transferring the balance. After the introductory APR, you will get 1.24%, 17.24% or 21.24% of the Variable APR, which will be based on your credit. If we compare this card with the other best cards than the time duration of this card is the best deal among all the other cards in comparison.

HSBC Credit Card - Best HSBC Credit Cards 2020: Reviews & Benefits months after opening the

The major drawback of the HSBC Gold MasterCard® Credit Card is that if you are done with your debt payment than this card is not as useful for you as before in future. This card does not offer you any rewards program or cash back opportunities that is bad for you and makes no sense. In this case, we will suggest you move your account towards HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard® credit card if paying off your debt is not an issue for you in future. In this way, your account will remain open and you will have much more to do with it.


  • After opening your account in the first 18 months, you will get an introductory APR of 0% for the purchases you make and for transferring the balance.
  • The annual fee is none.
  • Have a look on the Rates & Fees.

HSBC Credit Card Reviews

HSBC Credit Card - Best HSBC Credit Cards 2020: Reviews & Benefits cash back opportunities that is

Some of the reviews on HSBC Credit Card are given below:

“I was attracted with the 18 months zero interest option and applied for this card, after that, I activate my card and further tried to start transferring the balance. When I look at my account statement on accessing my account, they said there is no credit available. I use the live chat option and they said they go for the customer service option. I make a call to customer service and they said that the verification department wants to talk to me to verify my details. Further, they said to me that you have to contact in the working hours, which is, from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. How can we make a call in these hours if in the same duration, we are working in the office but in spite of that, I make a call and was kept on hold for about an hour and 40 minutes.”

“I received the pre-approved letter in my mail id and use the online platform to apply for the credit card. After I had finished the application process, they did not inform me on the spot. “They said that my application is in process of review”. After three days of the application process, they demanded my driving license, address proof and paycheck stubs. I mailed my documents to them. Few days after they informed me that they did not verify my identity. Is it a joke??? I emailed all the documents, which they demanded. This company is a fraud. I informed all the process to the credit bureau. So that I will not face any verification problem in future. I make a big mistake in providing them with my complete information. I will never trust this company again in my life.”

“This is a big fraud. I had used the card once before. A sudden hold emerged on my card. I was kept on hold almost 5 days and 5 hours and was not able to catch any live person in chat. This is a degradation and this must be ended. I will recommend you not to have this card. This is great chaos.”

“Kindly don’t ever apply for the HSBC Credit Card as it is a waste of time. I had a horrible experience with this card in my entire life. When I received the card, it was locked. I make a call to know the reason but no one even knows the reason about this. I waited for 2 hours and then decided to terminate my account.”

HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card

The HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard is in the competition with the card like Freedom Unlimited, which will give you a 1.5% cash back on all the purchases you make and in the first 3 months after opening your account if you will spend $2500 you will get $150 as a sign-up bonus. The other offer that is a strange one include an anniversary bonus, which is 10% on all the cash rewards.

The most amazing thing about this card – You will not get a card like this anywhere, which charge you zero foreign transaction fee. This card is the best option for all the international online shopping and for a foreign tour, this card provides you with a variety of travelling offers and other shopping benefits that include price protection and pre-planning of the trip.

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HSBC Cash Rewards vs Chase Freedom Unlimited

They offer you 0% on all the purchases you make that is a great competition delivered by HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard. In the first 15 months after opening the account, the introductory APR is 0% on all the balance transfer and the ongoing APR Variable is 15.24%, 19.24% or 25.24%.

HSBC Gold MasterCard® credit card

There is no ongoing sign-u bonus and other rewards on having HSBC Gold MasterCard ® Credit Card. By using this card, you will get Introductory APR of 0% in the first 18 months on all the purchases you make and for a balance transfer, which is the contender of Citi Simplicity Card. Which means you have to pay zero interest in 2020. There is no penalty APR fee and no late fee charged to you.

The most amazing thing about this card – In spite of the 0% APR, other benefits of having this card is that the variable APR of this card takes a start from 13.24% which is normally less than the other cards. The rate rises to 21.24%, which is not much high rate in comparison to the other balance transfer cards. Therefore, this card is recommendable if you want to manage the interest rates charged to you.

HSBC rewards program and best redemption options

In addition to the zero foreign transaction fee and 1:1 redemption for cash rewards points which is minimum,There is also other benefits for the travelers using the HSBC cards. The HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard Credit Card, will give you a 50,000 points as a sign-up bonus in the first 3 months on spending $4000 in which you can use $750 in travelling in air. Moreover, HSBC Premier World MasterCard credit card will give you 35,000 points as a sign-up bonus in the first 3 months on spending $3000 in which you can use $400 in travelling in air.

HSBC Credit Card - Best HSBC Credit Cards 2020: Reviews & Benefits locate, book and then pay

Each year you can also get an anniversary bonus, which is 10% by using your HSBC Cash Rewards card. For instance, if you have cash of $400 you will get an anniversary bonus of $50 in addition. There is not a restriction on the limit of the cash rewards you can earn and even there is no expiry date.

If you want to redeem your Cash Rewards MasterCard have a look below:

  • Statement Credit

You can use this for making purchases, travelling and in many other.

  • Gift Cards

You can select the gift cards from the variety of options provided to you for travelling, shopping, dining and for entertainment.

  • Merchandise

You can select it from the famous brands, which provide you the reward items that include sports gear, luggage, electronics, kitchenware and many more.

  • Travel

You can travel using the famous airlines without restriction of any blackout dates or seat. By visiting the HSBC travel rewards site online you can locate, book and then pay for the flights, car rentals and hotel stays. Moreover, in 90 days you can request for the statement credit, while booking for the travel using your card so that you can reimburse the travel purchase.

Moreover, other cards like Premier World Elite MasterCard will permit you to redeem your points for car rentals, flights and reservations by using the statement credit or through travel portal of the bank.

Other Benefits of having HSBC Cards

Some of the more benefits you can avail using your HSBC Credit Card are mentioned below which include:


  • By using, the travel assistance service provided by MasterAssist you can know the information about your pre-trip destination, legal referrals and medical emergency when you will travel along with the baggage coverage and many more.
  • If you face any accident while travelling, you will get immediate help in the range of the United States.
  • The travel accident insurance, which is of $1 million, will give you a coverage plus your spouse and children while travelling.
HSBC Credit Card - Best HSBC Credit Cards 2020: Reviews & Benefits you any rewards program or


  • The purchase insurance will give you a coverage of the purchase you make up to $1000 while having the accidental damage or if your things are stolen in the duration of 90 days after you make the purchase.
  • Your original warranty will be extended for more one year as it will double your warranty.
  • By using the price protection plan you can refund your money if you have purchased something and later in the 60 days after you buy it the price of the item becomes less than the original.
  • You can purchase the items using Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay by through the Mobile Payment option.
  • While checkout you can use your card for making special payments by using the feature of contactless payment.


  • You can use the one-on-one support if somehow your verification of identity is failed until or unless the claim is ended.
  • A security chip in your card will help you to save your card from any duplication and enable the protection of your card when you use it worldwide.
  • If you file a report for your card that is lost or stolen then the unauthorized transaction done from your account will not be applicable on you. Moreover, if you want to make purchases then you can be allotted a temporary card in the United States in the very next day within the working days in this regard from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is HSBC Credit Card Good?

HSBC recently launched a HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard® credit card, which provide variety of cash back options, and is worth to apply. It will give you a 10% anniversary difference, which make it a unique card from all the other cards.

  • Which type of card is HSBC?

HSBC is a MasterCard. When the MasterCard ©expires it is converted into Visa card. You can avail all the benefits offered by the HSBC Credit Card ,all over the world in almost 30 million locations around the world and can make purchases online with a secured platform using your Visa Card.

  • Is HSBC and Capital One same?

Capital One issue the credit cards is the fourth largest bank. It has announced that
is is buying the credit cards accounts of United States which HSBC is holding
which is the largest bank of Europe in $32.7 billion.

  • What types of credit cards are offered by HSBC?

Some of the best cards offered by HSBC include:

Here are the best HSBC credit cards: HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit
card Best for Cash Back Card. HSBC Premier World Mastercard® credit card Best for Travel Credit Card of HSBC.