Fortiva Credit Card: Reviews, Fees, Financial Offerings & Alternatives

If you are having a poor credit then the Fortiva Credit Cardis definitely designed for you. You can easily build your credit using this card. The information which the card issuer doesn’t deliver to you is that you are paying hundred of dollars just for putting this card in your wallet. If you can’t see other options except this card then you can have Fortiva Credit Card with you. Otherwise you should go for secured credit card.

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Card Reviews

Have a look on the features of the Fortiva Credit Card.

Annual Fee:

In the first year of your card the annual fee you have to pay is $49 to $175, then after the first year onwards, the fee is $0 to $49.


  • The APR charged for purchases is 21.99% to 36%, that depends on your creditworthiness.
  • ForCash Advances the APR charged is24.99% to 36%.
  • The APR charged to you for balance Transfers 24.99% to 36%.
  • There is no Sign-Up Bonus.


If you are a card user then you should know the benefits offered by the card. Have a look on the points given below:

  • Card is designed for the cardholders with poor credit without any security deposit.
  • The report of the payment history is sent to all the three credit bureaus.
  • The Free VantageScore is 3.0.
  • The fee for fraud liability is $0.
  • Minimum payment you have to make is 1% or $10 whichever is greater from the total balance.

Other Fees:

Some additional rates and fees of the Fortiva Credit Card are listed below:

  • After one year the annual maintenance fee is $60 to $159. Which you can give every month by paying $5 to $12.5.
  • The one-time program fee is $25 after opening an account.
  • The fee for a balance transfer is 3%.
  • For a Cash advance, you have to pay 5% or $5 whichever is greater.
  • The fee for foreign Transaction is 3%.
  • Fee for the one-time authorized user is $25.
  • For making late payments you have to pay up to $38.
  • And for returned payments, you have to pay up to $38.

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Fortiva Credit Card Reviews & Complaints

Below are the responses of the customers of Fortiva Credit Card on the question mentioned below. Have a look on the response given below to know whether this card is suitable for you or not.

Did anyone know about the Fortiva Credit Company?

Yesterday I had received an offer for the Fortiva Card via my mail. The Apr
charged on this card is 29.99% and in the first year the introductory annual fee is of $175 and after this time period, you have to pay $49 every year. The maintenance fee for your account is of $150 which you have to pay per year. Which you can pay in parts ($12.5 every month). Did anyone use this card? If yes then do you think it is a good option to have? I am in search of a card to rebuild my credit without any high rates of the fee. So kindly help me.


“Don’t have this card. I recently closed my account because they don’t report about the card to any of the credit bureaus. The fees and APR charged is very high which is disgusting. I feel this was my major mistake to have this card. As they had mentioned on their website they never send any notifications related to purchases or payments. The customer service they are offering is very bad; they don’t even bother for their customers. I asked them to have a conversation with their manager they said they will call me but I never had a call. Be alert!!”

“I think this card suits me. The Apr is bit high for me that is 29% and I am charged with other fees as well which are 100 and 49. My credit limit for this card is 2500 and my balance is always under 20%. You should consider the credit which you were having before having the card. As I used this card responsibly so they are serving me good and send reports of my cards to all the three major credit bureaus. For sure this is a good option for me.”

“Don’t have this!!! Run away from it, this is not good option according to my experience. All the customers are pre-approved and when they send you the card the rates they charged are too high. I suggest you to go for better company as per my opinion you can search other better companies.”

“The offer is leech which they give me. They charged me $150 to maintain my card and other then this annual fee is $175. This company is playing a role of predators and hunting their customers. They are taking benefit from the customers which are in need of help. Not only there is very high fees the APR is also 35%. Just for this card you have to pay for many years. Don’t go for it. I am having a Capital One Secured card to rebuild my credit.”

“Their customer service is very bad and poor and the platform which they are presenting for their customers for login and account info is also very slow and poor. My account was created in the three weeks due to which they charged me a late fee. I would recommend you stay away from this company.”

Fortiva Credit Card: Reviews, Fees, Financial Offerings & Alternatives company, accessing the

“This company is a big scam as their customer service is also not friendly. I used this card to build my credit….but all in vain. They only destroyed my credit. I would like to say No thank you for this card.”

“Try some other option. Recently I received an offer. The rates of this card are more than its worth. You will remain in the debt always by using this card. The APR is 36% and the fee for one month is 150 and for the next month is 175. If you are in search of building your credit then you should go for other cards instead.”

Why to Apply for the Fortiva Credit Card

Below are some of the reasons by considering them you may want to apply for the Fortiva Credit Card.

  1. Designed for customers with poor credit. If you are having low credit you are accepted by the Fortiva Credit Card. You do not have to submit any security deposit on the card like secured cards. Although this is, a great offer for the people who are in search of building their credit rating but are refused by the other credit cards due to low credit.
  2. To rebuild your credit you can take help by using this card. All the three credit bureaus take a report from Fortiva Credit Card every month. You can easily boost your credit score by making your full payments on time. After you sign up for an account you will get free 3.0 as a VantageScore. This is the same score which the lenders want when you complete the application process for a new loan from where you will come to know where you are standing.

Fortiva Credit Card: Drawbacks and Downsides

As we are already familiar with the benefits of the card, now here we will discuss about the drawbacks of the card.

  • This card is very expensive to keep in your wallet. The information that the card issuer does not deliver to you is that you are paying hundreds of dollars just for putting this card in your wallet. You will be charged up to $200 in the first year including the annual fee and one-time program fee. After one year, you have to pay more than $208 as an annual fee and the maintenance fee for your account. Then Apr charged is very high which is up to 36%. If in any case, you take any cash advance then the rate of interest makes it difficult for you to pay it.
  • There are no rewards programs. The Fortiva Credit Card. offers no special discounts and rewards. You cannot save your money with any benefit, which you are paying for the annual fees. This card is only for customers who want to build their credit. If you are interested to earn different rewards at the same time then you should go for a secured credit card.
  • You can’t place any request for an increase in the credit limit. The agreement for the cardholder stated that you could not request any increase in your credit limit. If you are not in the favour of the credit limit that you received while signing up for an account then only you can wait for an increase or should go for another option.

Fortiva Financial Offerings

The two special offering provided by Fortiva for their customers include a credit card and other one is a personal loan. Have a look on both of them for complete overview.

Credit Card

The people having the subprime credit can use the FortivaFinancials credit card, which is an unsecured MasterCard. You can use the card everywhere the MasterCard is accepted.The fee for fraud liability is $0 and EMV chip is embedded which help you to reduce risk.

Other than that, customers will get an access to monitor the free credit score and the reports are received by all three major credit bureaus. This will help you to raise your credit and keep an eye on the progress during this process.

The rates and other terms of the credit cards depends on some conditions. After getting the approval, the Fortiva Financial will provide you with different details that include the interest fee, rewards, rate etc. Be careful as it charged you with high annual fee and APRs. If in any case your credit score is poor then you have to pay more to the lenders as a result.

Concluding the card, this card is great for you if you want to build your credit and may be it will be one of the unsecured cards that accept your approval with bad credit. So it’s better for you to select the secured card that cost you with low price and help you to build your credit so you can be qualified for the unsecured card to enjoy the better terms.

Personal Loans

The other program that Fortiva Financial offers is personal loan. Same as the credit card it is available for the users with bad or no credit history. Only the company see the customers FICO score while analyzing which user can be applicable for this program to be qualified.

The rates and terms for this loan are very high, so it is applicable only for the applicants that are in search of cash but cannot find it anywhere. The advantages of this program include that the process is very fast and comfortable by providing the platform for the applicants to receive the cash in two working days.

The question may arise in your mind, “Are the Fortiva loans legal?” Yes, they are but the borrowers should be careful while taking the benefit from the loan in the race of your life.

Fortiva Customer Service

If you have, any query and then you can use the customer service by dialling the number i.e.1-800-245-7741. You can only call in the working hours from Monday – Saturday in the time from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Other methods of contacting are by visiting the official website of the company, accessing the mob app or by sending the mail. You can easily file a complaint online if you have any problem with customer service. All the complaints are then sent to the credit bureaus.

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Fortiva Credit Card Alternatives

If after knowing all the benefits and drawbacks of the Fortiva Credit Card you are not satisfied with the card then go for other cards. Have a look on the cards mentioned below:

Capital One Secured MasterCard: No Annual Fee and Low Deposit Required

If you are having a poor credit then Capital One Secured MasterCard is a great option for you as it is charging zero annual fees on using this card.
To receive the credit line of $200 for the start you have to submit the security deposit of $49,$99 or $200 depends on your creditworthiness. You will surely refund this amount after closing your account. If you make your payments on time for regular basis in the first five months you will be eligible for an increase in the credit limit automatically without submitting any additional deposit. Still the APR charged on this card is high but it is still less than the Fotiva Credit Card and you can afford it easily.

Discover it Secured Card: Earn Rewards While You Build Credit

For Discover it Secured Card you have to submit a security deposit of minimum $200, but if you want higher credit limit you can submit more amount. You have to pay no annual fee for this card and can earn 2% cash back on different restaurants and gas stations by making purchases up to $1000. Moreover this will help you to meet all the cash back which you have earned in one year. If you will make your all payments on time in the first eight months then this card will upgrade you to the unsecured card. The Apr charge is 24.74% which is not much high as this card is planned for a poor credit history.

  • Fortiva Credit Card: Other Things to Know

Here are some of the questions that often people have in their mind about the Fortiva Credit Card.

  • Can I use my Fortiva Credit Card everywhere?

Yes, you can use the Fortiva Credit Card in the places where the MasterCard is accepted.

  • Does Fortiva Credit Card send reports to the credit bureaus?

Yes, all the reports related to the Fortiva Credit Card including payments are
reported to all the three-credit bureaus. If you will make your payments on time then it will help you to raise your credit score in limited time. However, if you miss your payment then you have to pay a late payment fee for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is fortiva credit card?

The Bank of Missouri offers you with a program of Fortiva Credit Card. The
program consist of sudden response and presents the paperless process so that they provide their customers with the great platform of programs.

  • What is fortiva retail credit?

The Bank of Missouri offers you with a program of Fortiva Retail Credit. The program consist of sudden response and presents the paperless process so that they provide their customers with the great platform of programs.

  • Can we access Fortiva from all the 50 states?

Yes you can have Fortiva in all the 50 states.

  • What is the limit of the credit?

The Credit limits depend on the industry. The limit will be up to $3,000 or in some cases it may rise up to $40,000.

  • In how much time can I receive my money?

You can receive your money in limited time it depends on the industry. You can receive it on the next day as well.