First National Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints. Best 2020 FNB Cards…

The First National Bank is also familiar as First National Bank of Omaha. It is headquartered in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Illinois and Kansas.

FirstNationalcc provide its customers with four different types of credit cards as it presenting a platform for loyal customers and is famous for its integrity. The category of all the four cards of First National Credit Card is same, we can say them us the term cousins for these cards. The reason behind this is that they are planned for the customers that are not having similar choices.

Go through the complete article to have a look at the cards offered by the First National Bank.

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First National Credit Card Cost Overview

What are the charges you are required to pay for First National Credit Card? On initial basis, the customers are not charged with any annual fee, which counts as a good feature for this card. Only you have to pay the interest rate if you have any balance in your account in your account history. This is obligatory element in all the credit cards. The rate of interest depends upon the market rate that is dependent on the Prime Rate. You will get to know about the rate once you have been approved for the card.

You can also select the option of making the minimum payment, but mind it if you make your complete payment on time before the due date then you have to pay no interest in that case. Some of the fee criteria given below are as follow:

  • The foreign transaction fee is 2%.
  • For cash advances, you have to pay $10 or 4% whichever is greater.
  • Late payment fee charged is up to $25.
  • Returned payment fee is up to $25.

All the charges mentioned above are basic cost, which you should know before applying for the First National Credit Card.

First National Credit Card Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of them reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“The FNB Omaha did not inform me about cancelling my card. When I argue with them then after that action the send me a notice on 2/22/19. The reports I received were up-to-date and back on the same date, I come to know that my account was terminated. The notice was put an earlier date than the actual one that was 1/7/2020. I make my payments on time and pay more than the minimum amount. I am having this account from the past four years. I conclude after this incidence that the companies providing the credit cards do whatever they want at any point without even informing the cardholder. This is a very bad thing. I hope after this complain they will improve their service. I only want that the company should inform their customers if their account is terminated, other than this the cardholder argues related to their credit reports.”

“I am using my overstock credit card from the past 5 years and notified me with a statement today that my account has been terminated. The letter was stating that the reason for the termination of my account is irresponsibility. I was using my all credit card accounts responsibly. Rather than this, there is no delinquency mentioned on my credit report. I have no idea what this company wants to do but by reading all the complaints I come up with the conclusion that something is fishy.”

“My account was closed by First National Bank of Omaha without even informing me as my account was in good position. I am having this account from the past 6 years. I always pays my bill on time and paid more than then minimum payment. Today I received a letter from First National Bank which states that my credit score is low due to which they are closing my account. Their response is contemptible as I was a loyal customer who always make my payments on time. I am very sad and never suggest this company to deal with to anyone.”

“The FirstNationacc of Omaha closed my account without even informing me. I come to know through Credit Karma if they do not alert me I will not come to know without them. It seems that they terminated my account in the mid of January. Recently I made a payment a week before. I have nothing to be in debt. I make a call to the customer representative and notify that they are a partner of I asked the representative that it is not there responsibility to inform about the termination of account. The replied with the statement that the letters were sent out coming week. Is it not the responsibility of the bank to inform the cardholders before closing their accounts?”

“I always make my payments on time and paid more than the minimum due and they closed my account without any alert. I was having around $2000 credit in my account when I received the letter of termination of my account. In result of making my payments on time, I received this as a gift. I used the customer service and they replied with a statement “letters were supposed to send” Highlight the s in the letters. I am sure many people are going through this as I have seen this in the reviews. Currently, I am in a state to buy a new house and sell the old one and they smashed my credit without any specific reason.”

“We have an agreement related to our account 12 times in Florida at different Sams Club in a single day. I keep an eye on my balance on regular basis and does not trust on the fraud division to look after our accounts. This is quite lucky for us. The bank noticed various purchases by my account and instantly restrained it. The purchases were in the range of $1,100 and I was never notified via phone call, text or an email so that I can report for the fraudulent purchases, neither have they terminated the use of debit card.”

“I am using the first national bank credit card from the past 7 years. The credit limit of my account was initially very low and now it is 30 gs. My transactions were on the top and they always stay behind. They never ask a payment method and never asked for the increase in the credit limit, my rating was on the top. I am satisfied with this bank.”

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The Best First National Bank Credit Cards in 2020

  • Platinum Edition® Visa® Card Best for low APR
  • Complete Rewards℠ Visa® Card Best for bank loyalty
  • Secured Visa® Card – Best for building credit

Best for low APR: Platinum Edition® Visa® Card

  • Who’s it for?

If you believe that you can transfer money, every month then Platinum Edition ® Visa ® Card suits you best in this case.

  • Why we like it

As the card offers, you with the lowest Apr charged in comparison of all the other cards offered by First National Bank, this aspect makes this card unique.

For balance transfer you have to pay 0% introductory Apr for the first fifteen billing cycles. After the introductory period, the Apr variable charged is 11.74% to 19.74%, which depends on your creditworthiness.

From the given conditions dated May 2020, 15.53% is the national average APR. By using your firstnationalcc you are able to pay the Apr which is lower than the average amount. In which condition does the Apr help you? The technique is a bit simple: The interest rate depends on the Apr, the lower the Apr the interest rate will also be less, which you transfer every month. Take notice that the customer having perfect or good credit are only eligible for the low-interest cards.

  • Watch out for

If you are in search of transferring the balance, then you must know the fee of balance transfer for this card. For balance transfer you have to pay 3% or minimum $10 on every transfer the introductory Apr for the first fifteen billing cycles.

After the introductory span the fee, raise up to 5% or minimum $10. If you transfer balance on regular basis then the fees can be waive off or even put an end to the benefit of low Apr.

Chase Slate® is the card used in the replacement of this card for balance transfer.

First National Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints. Best 2020 FNB Cards... The FNB Omaha did

This card is preferred because you do not need to pay any fee for balance transfer in the first 60 days after opening your account. After that period, the fee increases to the 5% or $5 whichever is greater. The introductory Apr charged in the first fifteen months for making purchases or balance transfer is 0%. After that, Apr raised to 16.49%-25.24%.

  • How to use it

To use the Platinum Edition ® Visa ® Card, avail the benefits of the card offered to you that includes the introductory Apr that is 0% for the first fifteen billing cycle for balance transfers.

Best for bank loyalty: Complete Rewards℠ Visa® Card

  • Who’s it for?

If you are already connected with the First National Bank then by using the Complete Rewards SM Visa ® Card, you can get many rewards.

  • Why we like it

On having this card, by making purchases you will get 1% back on every purchase. You can also earn 1 percent extra by redeeming your reward points on the First National Bank savings, checking or college savings account. Total earning is 2% on all of your purchases.

If your rewards are kept in the technique of mortgage then cash back results in paying the principal down. In other condition the bank make down payment and the cash back amount is transferred to the respective account. There is no annual fee on this card.

  • Watch out for

If you are interested in a big sign-up bonus then this card will not help you in this case.

In the first three billing, cycles if you make any purchase you can earn point so later you can redeem them in $25 for cash back, travel, merchandise or gift cards. The bonus raises to $50 if the redeemed point are served for savings, checking, and mortgage or college savings accounts.

  • How to use it

To sum the worth of the Complete Rewards SM Visa ® card all you need to do is to have the First National Bank savings, checking or college savings account and if you don’t have any account then make one. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to have a cash back opportunities. Introductory APR charged 0% in the first 12 month of the billing cycles.

However, after that the Apr raised to 17.74%-24.74%.

Best For Building Credit: Secured Visa® Card

  • Who’s it for?

Interested in building your credit history, if yes then Secured Visa ® Card will fulfil all your requirements.

  • Why we like it

This card provides you with a platform to set your credit limit that depends on the money you deposit as security. The range of the deposit is $300 to $5,000 and your limit should match your deposit. Without any further deposit, you are easily eligible for an increase in your credit limit in seven months. Only you have to do is to make your payments on time on a regular basis.

The most important thing is all the three major credit bureaus takes a report from the First National Bank which is a very important aspect.

  • Watch out for

You cannot have any interest by depositing the money for Secured Visa ® card. There is no annual fee for this card.

  • How to use it

The most important thing is all the three major credit bureaus takes report from the First National Bank, which is regarding Secured Visa® card. You have to make your payments on time, which will benefit you in a positive way and help you to increase your credit history. If you will not make your payments on time then negative comments will be sent in the report.

If you will maintain a good payment history, you will get the deposit back in around 11 months by using Secure Visa ® card.

First National Credit Card Application

If you are interested to apply for FirstNationalcc then you can apply online as well as by using the mailing address which is given below:

Enter the information required and post it on the address below:

Legacy Visa
P.O. Box 5097
Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5097.

FirstNationalcc Application Requirements

If you want to apply for the First National Credit Card then you should complete the requirement that has given below:

  • The age of the applicant should be 18 years or above.
  • Applicant must have the credit history which is easy to perceive.
  • Social Security Number (U.S) is compulsory.
  • The applicant should be the legal resident of the United States of America.
First National Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints. Best 2020 FNB Cards... Card will fulfil all your

How to Complete a First National Credit Card Application Online

If you want to know the application, the procedure of First National Credit Card then use the steps given below for your guide after receiving the approval in your mail.

  • Visit the official site of the first national bank by using the
  • You will navigate towards the homepage and here you will see Accept Online button in green. Click on it.
  • Now you have to provide your reservation number and access code in the given field located on your offer letter.
  • Now click on the Continue button in blue.
  • In the next step, you have to verify your personal information and mailing address.
  • After that providing the complete information required a trigger to end the application procedure.

First National Credit Card Login

If you are already a user of First National Credit Card and want to access your account to manage, your card activities then go through the process below:

  • Visit the official site of firstnationalcc by using the link
  • You will be directed towards the homepage of First National CC.
  • On the left side of the page, you will see “Account Login” button in orange.
  • Click on it. Now you will see a login page in front of you named as “Welcome to the Cardmember services”.
  • Here you have to enter your login credential i.e. your username and password.
  • Next click on Sign In button to access your account.

Forgot Username & Password

In case if you have forgotten your firstnationalcc account username or password and want to recover it then use, the steps mentioned below for complete guide:

  • Visit the official site of First National Credit Card to access the Login page by using the process explained above.
  • At the end of the login page locate the “Forgot your username and password?” option and click on it. 
  • Now in the next window click on the continue button to proceed the process.
  • The next step is for account verification here you have to provide your Account number, expiration date, security code (last 3 digits) and Social Security Number (last 4-digits).
  • After providing the complete information click on the continue button to finish the process.

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Approval Rate:

There were 12 people that reported their status to us after they applied. They provided us with helpful qualification information, including their credit scores, the rates offered to them, household income and more. 90% of those applicants were approved.

Approval Time:

Approval time for this offer is not listed. You should expect a final credit decision within a couple of weeks, but normally much sooner.

Is First National’s Visa credit card right for you?

Selecting the First National Credit Card’s is the best option for you. The advantages of this card are that they charge no annual fee, due to which you can use its Visa card worldwide. On every spending, you can earn different rewards. In addition to this, the bank offers its customers with personal customer service for their convenience.

On the other side, the drawbacks of this card while comparing with other cards are they charge you a transaction fees. They lack in cutting-edge technology. There are very minimum rewards, which they offer.

If we compare it to other cards then many cards do not charge any transaction fee and provide its customers with a wide range of reward programs.

It is your responsibility to have a complete overview of all the cards before applying for any card. Moreover, if you are a customer of First National Bank then enjoy the services offered by it, as it is a good choice.

Customer Support

If you have any query related to First National Credit Card you can make a call to customer service by using the number i.e. 888-883-9824

Other options include:

Mailing Address

Use the mail address given below for any query:

First National Credit Card
P.O. Box 5097
Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5097.

Payment Address

If you want to send your payment via mail then use the address given below:

First National Credit Card
P.O. Box 2496
Omaha, NE 68103-2496

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make payments of First National Credit Card using a debit card?

Yes, you can make payments for First National Credit Card with your Visa Debit Card or Discover MasterCard.

  • Can I make payments of First National Credit Card using a credit card?

No, First National Credit Card do not accept the payments via credit cards.

  • Can I pay my First National Credit Card bill Online?

Yes, you can pay your credit card bill online. You can pay your bill online as well as by using the First National mobile app. You can also use the website of doxo to pay online.

  • From where can I login my First National Card account online?

You can log in your card account by using the link mentioned by accessing their “card member services” section.

  • From where can I get help to log in my First National Credit Card account?

There is a customer service page on the official website, which you can access by using the link, if you find any difficulty while signing in your account or while recovering your account’s password. You can also make a call to the customer service agent by using your phone on the number 888-883-9824.

  • How can I access my First National Credit Card account via my mobile device?

First National Credit Card does not offer their customers a mobile app for iOS or Android. You can use the doxo My Account Manager app to keep your account info, notes, documents, and contact information for First National Credit Card. Download and install doxo My Account Manager for iPhone or doxo My Account Manager for Android now.