Dresslily Reviews: & Customer Complaints Is It Safe or A Shopping Scam?

Nowadays the internet is providing us the facility to shop everything at home without any effort. Like the internet, business is in trend nowadays so there are many online shops, which are popping up every day so it’s quite easy for the frauds to do the shopping scams if you will shop without going through the reviews. So there is a website Dresslily.com due to which you have to go through a number of Dresslily Reviews. If you are interested in this website and want to about some information about it then hopefully in this article we are providing you with each and every information you will need after that you can select whether it’s a good or bad option.

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What is Dresslily?

Dresslily is an online store. By visiting the site www.dresslily.com you can shop for the fashion items of both men and women that includes shoes, dresses, bags, shirts, jewelry, watches, accessories and many more. In 2020, Dresslily was launched in Beijing, China and their local offices are located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Still, we were not sure who the owner of the company is.


The Panda is giving the old once-over to the Dresslily. You can have a look by going through the detailed information of the research, which we made to know the complete information of Dresslily.

Pros Cons
The Shipping is Free. You need an Account for making
your credit card payments.
The website is user friendly and
The shipping service is relatively
They offer Clearance Sales
regularly in every season.

Dresslily Prices

The prices of the products at the Dresslily is at around $500. The average price for women clothing is between $20 and $40 as the most expensive product price is rising to $400 and the minimum cheap product price goes for $5. The average price for Men’s clothing is between $5 and $70 as the most famous items price are mostly between $10 to $15 that includes the jackets, jeans, pants, and shirts.

The average price for Women’s Accessories is $10 per piece as the most famous items price are mostly between $5 to $80 that includes the scarves, hair products, bags, and hats. The most famous men’s jewelry and luxury items can be purchased for $3 as the jewelry of women are very famous and most women use the jewelry so the average prices are $10 per piece.

Keep in mind that most of the time the items are on sale or different deals,
discounts and loyalty programs are offered for the items that depend on the shopper that shops frequently at a store.

Dresslily Refund & Return Policy

The Dresslily for returns and exchanges gives the time span of 30 days. You have to be sure that the packaging, labels, and tags are attached to the product. The items purchased from the special category or swimwear cannot be returned. One more thing if you had purchased anything from the clearance sale then it’s your bad luck they will not accept it.

The conditions for return or exchange include that if the item you purchased was different from the description provided or the size of your order was wrong. However, for this, it is necessary for the item to be in the same condition as it was delivered to you. For the clear description, you can complain by taking the picture of the product that you received and by mentioning what is the problem in it.

What are Dresslily Payment Options?

You can select any of the options given below as per your convenience

  • Western Union
  • MasterCard
  • Dresslily Gift Cards
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Wire Transfer
  • All major credit cards
  • Debit cards

Dresslily Reviews And Complaints

After collecting the complaints and Dresslily reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“The service is amazing, the quality of the products is average. The prices are economical. They update on shipment and their customer communication is excellent.”

“Excellent products. I recently purchased a dress and the makeup brushed at the store. First, I decide to buy a flash and a hairpin, unfortunately, the sketches were not there so I was given an equal replacement option. I selected the makeup brushes. The size of the dress was as it was stated in the photos at the store. I was attracted to it. I am glad about the quality of the products and definitely with my choice.”

“Hey I am here to share my reviews on shopping with Dresslily, I placed an order for two items and they both were amazing. I ordered the bag and it was beyond my expectations. I loved it. If you are in search of Chip and chic brand than this place is definitely for you.”

“I purchased some items and the delivery was so fast. I received the order within 15 days. I am in Brazil and the date is suitable for me. I purchased a wig, which was excellent and looks good on me. Furthermore, I bought a bad and the size of the bag was good. I always shop at this store, as it is comfortable.

“The online store is good. They have a collection of economical and good quality products. The delivery is very fast and the order is delivered nicely with good packaging. I love to purchase at Dresslily website.”

“This is my second expeirnce to shop here, The prices are affordable and the quality of the products is good. A notification is delivered for an update and the process of shipment is very quick. An amazing experience. I will shop again for sure.”

“I have found a lot of useful products on this store and I am so glad with them because when I recieved them, they are exactly as in the picture.”

“The experience of shopping here is excellent and the delivery is fast. The item delivered is as it is and the service is very satisfied.”

“I recommend you this as it is a nice choice and a great service.”

Dresslily Reviews: & Customer Complaints Is It Safe or A Shopping Scam? com and

“In love with this site. They are great. Best clothes with low prices.”

“Great service and I am really satisfied with my order! It arrived quickly and I like it. They have an excellent customer communication.”

“At Dresslily I placed an order for the skirt when I received it the size was wrong. I dialed the customer support number. I was on hold for 5 minutes and waited. The customer service was very quick to help me to know how to send the skirt back and get a replacement. I think this is one of the best services which I have never seen before.”

Dresslily Shipping

Acually the shipping is the time of the processing and time of shipping. It depends on the number of items you ordered and the location from where you are purchasing your item. The processing time is usually maximum two days. If you are placing your order from the countries Australia, USA or Canada then it may take a week or two to deliver your order. Moreover, if you are placing an order from the country other than these than it may take a month. If you are not attracted that you can shop at Amazon.com and can receive your order with FREE guaranteed two-day Amazon Prime Delivery.

If you go for expedited shipping then it will take only 3-7 days that depends on where you are shipping and which courier service you have selected. The courier services that support Dresslily are DHL, FedEx, and USPS. The shipping of Dresslily is worldwide. A notification alert will be sending to you by mail when you order is ready to deliver with the tracking number.

Dresslily Customer Service

To contact the customer service of Dresslily you can use the online chat option or can send an email at [email protected]. If you are unable to access the other two options than you can also file a ticket as well. There is no telephone service on which you can contact to give a review.

Dresslily Coupons or Promo Codes

To get the coupons and promo codes you can use the newsletter. Although the pop up of the coupons appear on the screen when you will browse for the items you want to buy. However, why to go anywhere else when Ebates.com and JoinHoney.com are offering you different coupons and cash back. You can also visit the site Swagbucks.com that help you to get different free gift cards and cash for the items you bought online. These gift cards can be used to buy items free by visiting sites like Dresslily or any other.

What We Like About Dresslily

After going through all the reviews of dresslily we come to know about from the shoppers that the customer service is amazing. The quality of the items is very good and the prices are affordable.

  • Dresslily Complaints

This is the point where we have to discuss as it is what we are going through. If you are unaware of the facts mentioned below then to do shopping is not the point at Dresslily.

  • It’s tough getting refunds

The one of the major problem at Dresslily is that when we pay them money. Many customers have complained about this that they faced difficulty in getting their money back. They have to cross the hurdles in proving this case.

  • Don’t order in bulk
Dresslily Reviews: & Customer Complaints Is It Safe or A Shopping Scam? and customer

Some of the customers complained about the half- baked orders this happens when they ordered many items at once. They want the customer to pay as they are in hurry to process the order. The worst scene is that you have to wait for a long time to receive your correct order.

  • What you see is not always what you get

The pictures that are shown to you attract you while shopping but don’t keep your expectation as much high as you will burst into tears when you will receive your order. The thing that you ordered and the thing that you received will be very different. Most people have complaint about the ready-to-wear women’s clothes.

  • Negative BBB

After writing, the reviews that you have read above have decreased the rating of Dresslily with the Better Business because of the complaints of the customers.

Dresslily Alternatives

After going through the Dresslily reviews you might not be the biggest fan of Dresslily. Don’t worry you can go for the other options that include Ebates.com as it pay you with cash back opportunity when you shop anything with them and provide a connection with other similar stores. You can go for Amazon.com and Ebay.com which are famous for their best prices and customer support. You can shop anywhere according to your choice and provide help to save money by using free Honey Browser App that offers you with different promo codes that work in real.

Is Dresslily A Scam?

No, probably Dresslily is not a Scam. All you need to do is to wait for your order for few weeks in this way when your order is delivered to you whether it is not good you have to be happy for it and you have to spend a lot of time to wait for the returns. The other clothing website is Ebates.com you can buy affordable clothes from it. Can also go for the Amazon.com and Ebay.com to get rid of the long shipping time at Dresslily and can take benefit from the delivery option of two days free with guarranty by Amazon Prime Delivery. Moreover, if you want some interesting deals from anywhere you can visit the site Swagbucks.com that offers you to get the gift cards and free cash for the things, which you purchased online.

By using these gift cards and free cash, you can get free items from anywhere and it is the major discount. Well this is my personal experience with the Dresslily, which I shared with you. If you know more about Dresslily reviews that, you can leave a comment below.

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